View Full Version : Noisy Fuel Pump?

07-26-2007, 09:10 AM
Good morning Moomba owners! When you turn my '02 Outback to the "on" position but not started you hear the fuel pump come on (which is normal) but at the same time you hear this loud buzzing at the back of the boat.

Once you start the boat up you hear the same loud buzzing at the back of the boat at all times. I took the panels off in trunk area and the noise seemed to be coming from where the gas line connects into the middle of the gas tank. Is this the main gas line or the line coming from the fuel pressure regulator?

How can I debug this to find out if it is the fuel filter, the fuel pump, or the fuel pressure regulator?
I assume all three parts can be replaced by some part at a local autoparts store (napa, autozone, etc)?

My first test at lunch today is going to be to fire it up in my driveway again and make sure the fuel pump isnt touching anything or wiggling around.
I may also try to locate and remove the fuel filter. That should only be like $5 at autozone I would guess.

Any tips are appretiated!