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07-22-2007, 10:32 PM
We were on our way back from Tampa area today from softball tourney my daughter was in, my bride and I decided to detour over to Clermont (we had our 15 yr. old son w/us) to let him ck. out the wake board camp. they certainly have some beauties to work with, 4 new malibus, 1 lsv mobius sitting on trailors out front with a beautiful Supra in the water. didnt see anyone around, must be quite on Sundays... lake was gorgeous, Minneola I think its called. nice ramp next door. Sure is a beautiful area Ed G and Joe Techie live in. Now to come up with $1500 for him a wk. stay...may have to just pay for a few lessons. He's getting his 180's 360's, & tantrums pretty consistents, mixing it up w/some grabs.
I sure like pulling them and watching, I'm starting to ride a little myself, (old&fat) but truly have a new respect for all they can do, I've only rode about 3 passes now but just crossing wakes was a victory, alot different than riding a slalom which was my thing 30 yrs. back...sorry for the ramble, hope to go back and play sometime, bob :wink: