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Tech Madnesss 72
07-16-2007, 03:46 AM
:?: 2007 OUTBACK :evil: getting soaking wet carpet on drivers side under carpet. I see that a little water comes in from through hull horn vent but not that much and has no path back to below console . Also see dripps of h2o coming from bottom of recessed cleat mount, but we're talking sopping wett carpet almost standing water. Water Appears to be coming from seem between deck and hull !! or abouts from level of rub rail and running down inside of hull. I watched closely while in a sharp rt hand turn and water definitely pushes hard all the way up to the rail but shold it be coming in? Also pulled plug and emptied bilge completely to make sure not coming from undrneath! Does ne one know exactly how the hull/ deck is bonded? Supposed to be water tight Im assuming! How bout where the rub rail screws come through deck/hull? I can see day light through where rub rail is mounted! Should the Glass be overlapped and sealed And the screws caulked to seal? How thick should the glass be at that point in the boat? ONLY 16 hrs on boat and Im afraid my new baby may be built like @#$% ! Any info would be appriciated!!!

07-17-2007, 11:26 AM
I do not know any boat that is 100% sealed at the connection point. Most all are screwed (or rivited) together. The more screws the better, and SC uses a lot. If you are getting the boat at that level water might as well be coming over the rail.

The OB is a low freeboard boat. It WILL take on water in sharp turns and navigating rollers. You may simply need to look at your driving style.

There ARE holes in the boat... water can come in them. The horn, the bildge exit, the shaft, but all are rarely a big problem. If you have this much water and none is coming over the bow or over the stern as you turn, then I'd look elsewhere. The fact it is on top of the deck is the strange part, so something is not kosher here.