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07-06-2007, 11:54 AM
2006 Mobius LSV Ė Impressions

Iíve owned my LSV about 6 months now, have put about 25 hours on her, and have been on the water about 10 times. Overall, I am extremely pleased with this boat. I bought it new in January of this year, got a great deal due to itís leftover status. Previous to this, I owned a 1991 VIP 19í stern drive with a V6. I bought it new in 1991 and sold it just before buying the Moomba. My wife and I have two kids, age 10 & 3.

What I like, in order of importance, more or less:
ē Fuel injection. No matter how many days or weeks the boat has been sitting, I can back the trailer in the water, turn the key, and it instantly fires to life. Donít have to pump the throttle, never floods, runs perfect immediately. I canít say enough about that compared to my old carbureted boat which I flooded half the time on the boat ramp trying to start it. It starts just as easily once on the water too, every time.
ē PerfectPass. Wife loves it because she can just concentrate on steering which lessens the stress level considerably. I love it because I get a consistent pull when itís my turn behind the boat. Didnít used to be that way. I also like the ability to store names and preferred speeds for different users. Plus, I can enjoy watching the riders instead of fiddling with the throttle all the time.
ē Roominess of the boat. The V drive configuration and the size of the boat suits us perfectly, and storage abounds. When heading to the lake, I can fit three wakeboards and one surf board in the rear lockers with none of them touching each other. Once on the water, the boards go on the rack (my surfboard even fits in the stock wakeboard rack) and even with the ballasts full, there is still plenty of room in the rear lockers for all the life jackets, wetsuits, cooler, etc. and youíve still got all the storage under the seats. Plus this boat is rated to hold 13 if needed. Weíve had a birthday party for my son at the lake every year of his 10 years so far and I spend several hours pulling kids on tubes (5 at a time on two tubes) so the ability to legally seat 13 is great. Two or three adults plus a whole lot of kids. I love to see the smiles on their faces, some of whom have never been on a boat or tube before. We have a blast.
ē Power. My old boat had 155 HP, this one has 325. Nuff said.
ē Swim platform at water level. Great while at anchor and swimming. Never have to fool with a ladder again.
ē Dual axle trailer for worry free towing (never have to worry about it swaying) and swing away tongue (boat fits in the garage with inches to spare).

The things that I donít like about the boat are minor and hardly worth mentioning (placement of fire extinguisher, arrangement of the gauges, low bimini height, etc). I have remedied these myself. Also, it would be nice if some of the seat cushions (especially in the bow) were hinged for ease of access to storage. They were on my old boat which was a nice feature. On the other hand, itís easier to clean when they are loose.

Hope you all enjoy your Moombas as much as we do. Have a great day on the water!