View Full Version : Cover supports

07-22-2003, 08:22 PM
I just bought a Sunbrella mooring cover to replace the factory item that self destructed recently. It is made by Westland Industries, supposedly to factory dimensions, to fit the 2000 Outback and sister hulls. The quality is first rate, the tower cutouts and drawstring work well, but.....
Just like the factory cover, this one seems to be a little 'fat'
in the back where the hull curves into the transom. The adjustable prop rods' even when up fully, don't take out the puddle pockets in the back.
Today's question: What have you all done to support your covers? I've made PVC pipe bows that hook into the pop up cleats and all sorts of Magyver rigs, but I'm not there yet.
How do you keep the rain on the outside?

PS- I would recommend this cover . As mentioned, quality is first rate, water beads off fast, and the color choices were good. I got the best price through Iboats.com.