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06-27-2007, 12:03 AM
Wondering if any knows of a engine disengage indicator/light that can be mounted in the back to let people in the water know for sure that the engine/prop is off. Kids would feel more comfortable back there. I did a quick search and didnt find anything. Just curious, seems like a simple thing.


06-27-2007, 02:18 AM
You can use an engineered control such as lights, horns or interlocks but that may not be the best control in the case of people outside the boat. Administrative controls such as removing the key, attaching a warning card to the key or shouting out an engine start (similar to an airplane start) would be much more simpler and more reliable if used correctly.
The controls need to be at the operator (the driver) not with the passengers. Lights are directional and probably wouldn't be seen especially in the sunlight. The best way to deal with swimmers is to let them know that they need to be in the boat when the engine is running. The first time you start up the engine with someone in the water (which is not a problem by itself for a very short time [CO2]) you will hear it from at least the people in the water and everyone else in the boat. It happened a few times with me and it really works and it makes the driver feel like a dork but no harm done.

06-27-2007, 11:29 AM
I agree - driver proceedures and understanding are the best implementation of this.

Take the keys out and put them in a cup holder if you are going to be floating around for a while. That way it takes 2 steps to turn the key.

NEVER put the boat in gear until after a 5 count of turning the key - Zabooda's described "indication" that people are in the water - will allow the driver to know to wait and not proceed.

Also - inboards are inherently safer than any other style drive - so that alone is a touch of piece of mind.

Also - teach everyone on the boat, that there are 2 areas to NOT play around - the direct bow and under the boat... I know it sounds silly - but just explaining those 2 can save people from real harm. I teach that if you cannot see the people on the boat, you are in the wrong place.

Hope this helps,


06-27-2007, 06:47 PM
I don't want the kids to feel comfortable, or complacent around the rear of the boat. My rules are no one swims with out asking, and the key is always removed from the ignition. Before I start the engine I always do a quick head count and ask "prop clear?" Then, before putting the boat in gear I ask "rope clear?" So far I have 86 hours on my boat with no injuries or ropes wrapped. I know accidents can happen, but I do everything within my power to avoid them.

Stay safe.