View Full Version : Put my new prop on!

06-11-2007, 08:23 PM
After a misfortune on Memorial Day weekend, I was lucky enough to find that JoeTechie had won a GREAT prop at the Jamboree. Joe made me a fair deal on the prop and I now have a 13 x 11 OJ XMP on my Outback. Joe pm'd me to ask how it was and I had only had a quick pull last weekend in bumpy water and could not really get a feel for it.

We had a great ride yesterday.. I noticed I was pulling wife, others up real easy with very little throttle... did not think much... then my wife pulled me.... WOW... My teeth almost fell out because she was used to normal conditions and was YANKING me out.... We have to work on amount of throttle to exert now!

I took the GPS out yesterday to calibrate Speedo's. Lost about 2.5-3 mph top end and runs about 100 rpm high at towing speed of 20 mph... 3100 rpm is 30 mph now...

Joe said this prop is now the 07 upgrade wakeboard prop for Outback. Pleased with pull!

Now, I think I have a little vibration on low speed/rpm.. not present while towing, but there during pull up/ initial throttle? Is there a bearing/packing in the strut that holds the shaft (in front of prop?) HOPING to not spend much $$ and lost time in shop!