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06-02-2007, 10:15 PM
So I figured last weekend would be full of uniformed and inconsiderate people due to the holiday so i didnt expect much but, I took the wife and daughter out today for some fun. Got there early left early should have just stayed home and mowed the lawn. About 10 in the morning while no one else was around decided to wakeboard, i fell and no sooner i come up there is a bayliner headed right towards me. Wife is waving the flag while circling around to get me long story short they missed running me over by less than 2 feet, even though the lake is almost 1/2 mile wide at that point. I talk to the guy and he informed me that it wasnt his problem. I dont know who or where he was taught to drive a boat or operate it, but it was enough to make me lose it. Then with all the pwc circling us to use our wake to jump it made it kind of hard to do any thing so before i went ballistic i decided to be done for the day got to the boat launch. had to wait about a half hour, no big deal but then I had to wait for a boat who decided that they wanted to sit at the dock and bs meanwhile theres me and about 5 other boats waiting so i went about 1/2 mile down had my wife drop me off and walked to the parking lot got my truck and went to the launch, had my wife come in with the boat and asked the guy to move for a minute his reply was that he was there first and i needed to wait. thats when I lost it, long story short untied his boat and pushed it out, wife came in loaded the boat and went home, maybe next time i'll just mow the lawn

06-03-2007, 12:08 PM
You need to move to Ontario Canada. We have something like 10,000 lakes and no one would EVER be that stupid. OK, maybe a few, but with 10,000 lakes, we can afford a few knobs.

06-03-2007, 04:59 PM
I am pretty new to boating and I know you need to stay way clear of a boat with a flag up. The same thing happened to me on Memorial Day. Every time we had a downed rider those damn jet skis are coming within 10 ft of the rider!! Unreal, I yell at them to stay clear and they give me the "blank stare" :evil: I want to bring a paintball gun next time!!

Dave A
06-04-2007, 05:48 PM
A friend of mine had a similar problem out the Lay Lake in Alabama. He and his wife were on the ski course and in came the jet skis. They didn't have the ride there, they just chose to. The while he and his wife were docked a guy in a Mastercraft pulling a tube came through the course, and yelled asking if he had a problem with that. Memorial Day is not a good time regardless.

I was wakeboarding and what looked like an armada, 4 boats heading out, were heading towards us. My father-in-law wasn't paying good attention either. Not real close, buy you can imagine riding behind your boat and seeing 4 boats coming towards you. Kinda helpless.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were good. Seems like the real goofballs come out on monday. Can't wait for the 4th of July.

06-04-2007, 06:24 PM
I feel you on the people following you around. We have problems with people following us around watching us wakeboard. What they dont understand is they are ruining our great water. Nothing better than pontoon boats gunning it around the lake trying to keep up.