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06-01-2007, 01:44 PM
My friend has a Mobius V-drive. Last night we put the battery in and cranked the motor for the first time this season in the garage (without water supply). The engine fired immediately and we ran it for about 5 seconds. The V-drive oil pressure light under the throttle control stayed on while the motor was running. This never stayed on last season. My friend found a loose wire at the V-drive pressure sensor and repaired it last week. This would explain why it was never on last season. Does the water intake need to be attached for the sensor to go off? The boat has very low hours. Could the pressure sensor be bad? I believe the boat is a 2005.

06-01-2007, 11:54 PM
From the owners manual:

The warning light should be “on” at idle. If the light remains
“on” when the engine is above 1200 RPM, shut the engine
off and check V-Drive oil level.

There is a plate right under the light that reads this exact text as well.


06-02-2007, 06:13 AM
It also shoud read "NEVER START YOUR BOAT WITHOUT A WATER SUPPLY" Does not take long for the water pump to overheat and melt.
But to answer your question,that light will stay on until in gear and the r's are brought up a little.

09-05-2007, 11:14 AM
Hi all

This warning light of the V-Drive used to be on at 1400 to 1600 rpm on my Outback V. I check fluids levels regularly, but last time the light came on at almost 2000 rpm. I shut the the engine off and checked the V-Drive oil level, it was right,in the middle of the stick marks.Anyway I added SAE 30 oil to the upper mark and light went back to "normal" 1400-1600 range.
But I am still not sure why the damn light doesn´t shut off at normal 1200 rpm.

Any idea?


09-05-2007, 11:45 AM
Have you ever removed the lower outlet line and cleaned the screen? There is a screen on the lower line that keeps debris from entering the oil pump. Another issue may be a bad oil pressuer sensor.

09-05-2007, 12:47 PM
Thanks Jesse

Had no idea Walters V-Drive had that screen... I will try to find and clean it. The "problem" of the 1400-1600 rpm range was there since first moment though.
I infer that "screen" is some sort of filter?

Best regards,Jesse

09-05-2007, 12:54 PM
Did you get a Vdrive manual with your moomba package? In the instructions for de-winterizing you are supposed to remove two magnetic bolts and clean them as well as the oil "pick up" screen on the Vdrive.

If you do not have the manual, let me know and I will scan them and send them to you.

09-05-2007, 01:02 PM
:oops: Got the manual..and now I think I remember something about those plugs..will read the manual ASAP :oops:

Thanks, mate :wink:

06-30-2009, 10:12 AM
Back with the bloody light...I asked some people but haven´t had a working answer..even the Walters crew...
The oil pressure drop I received from Skidim is exactly the same as the original one I replaced. Anyway both, old and new, work the same, I mean the old one is working properly, that wasnt the fault.

I am using SAE 30 motor oil always and check the level enough often.

Past Saturday I took the three hoses out from the v-drive again, and checked for blockage, but they all were free.I used a threads sealant in all six hoses heads and seems it worked a bit. Maybe there could be a pressure leak, but I do not have way to make a proper pressure test on my own. I think I will order the three hoses and try new ones, if this wasn´t the problem, it´s always good to have them as spare.

Since the pressure signal got better, light comes off at just 2100-2200 rpm now after a while running,at first lights stays on till 3000 rpm I will try the new hoses prior to get into the pump, there is not much room to work on it in this boat...

Any ideas...