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07-11-2003, 04:04 PM
ok.. i heard that you can blow air into your speedo tubes that go to the water pickup and clear it out so the speedo registers the water going in... how do you do this and is it possible.. i use my boat on the calif delta and it can be a little mucky may have something in there.... any help woudl be nice.. not wanting to take it to dealer for this fix... i usually use the rpm guage anyways but it would be nice to have my dual speedo's working again,.

Brian Raymond
07-12-2003, 12:09 AM
Call me crazy, but here's what I do. Find a drill bit just a hair smaller from the opening oraface on the p/up. Pull the hose off the top(do not loose the nut). with your fingers, put little pressure on the bit and turn into the p/up in a counterclockwise rotation. This will draw the debris out, when the bit is bottomed out, blow into the opening to ensure a clear passage. When it is clear, refasten the hose, then, I put a piece of electric tape over the drill bit, and fasten it to the undeside of my glovebox lid(or any inconspicuous area). That way(even on water) I can clear them anytime. Hope this helps.Brian Raymond