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05-17-2007, 09:14 PM
To those considering a Skiers Choice Product....let me tell you a story.

Before I ordered my 07 LSV, I asked loads of questions of my dealer and the sales line. The Canadian Skiers Rep was fantastic too. I lookeda at Mastercrasft and a bunch of other lines. You know them all. In the end I bought the Mobius from another dealer than I started dealing with because of the OUTSTANDING support from their sales guy. Simple fantastic support. I saved a ton from competitors products too. I will know if this was a smart decision in three years.

After I ordered my 07, the sales team inside skiers choice (two HOT sounding women BTW) let me know the build dates, engine set dates and even took photos before she was shrunk wrapped and sent to my dealer. OUTSTANDING again.

This was a GREAT experience and loads of fun for myself and my kids, who helped select options and colours.

Some ideas. (I am a marketing professional by trade)
I guess my only two cents of the buying experience is that from a marketing stand point, Skiers Choice needs to put the thought process in their heads that their customers have probably NEVER bought a wakeboard board before and they want to see high quality images of every single possible option. Every one! I may have ordered the wood rear platform, but a tiny picture is useless. Buying the boat is a ton of fun. Making it fun for me wasn't that easy as it was a TON of work to see items in detail. Options like colours bolsters on the seats, or details on the radios. I even called the trailer manufacturer to get options for the wheels. (there was no good crager style rim options for my trailer!!!)

Your customers are individuals...so allow them to build their boat easily. Furthermore, after using the colourizer (which is a major pain in the ass to log into each time as it asks your zip code etc etc)....you should link to a picture of an ACTUAL BOAT built sometime in the past year with the same colour. You have the database of all those boat pictures you show your dealers (which I had access to) but your customers would LOVE to see these boat pictures too. All you need to do is track every orders' colour combinations and show them on thumb nails, allowinfg the customer to zoom in for a bigger picture. I could have spent hours and hours looking at interiour and exterior colour options. I couldn't. You had 6 real boats on your main site and only 30 in your dealer pic database.

I love the flash movies on the site but they were kinda too general to be any help. A downloadable version in higher quality would have been nice.

Pre-Sales Demo Idea. Would be nice to see a walk through with Skiers Choice president or hotty sales girl going over the details of each boat or WHY you was an LS, why you want an LSV. That is VERY VERY VERY hard to figure out boys and girls. What is the difference? I know NOW...but how many web surfers never know?? Also, do not TELL ME it is for skiers or wakboarders, show me in the video. Also, in this walk through, show the quality of the manufacturering process. You could do a 10 minute video on the development of the boat lines, how they get updated every year and the advantages Skiers Choice offers for each of their lines. You could also show the history of the brand and how engineering is done.

Play it up guys. If you don't who will?

Anyhow, enough said. I get my boat in a day or two. I am sure I will like the stereo though. It was a custom selected system...and the components are outstanding. I bought custom as there was zilch info on the model numbers of the speakers. So...I got higher end gear and paid less that speaker option F.

05-18-2007, 02:42 AM
Steve... Some GREAT ideas.

Let us however put some of this in perspective.

1) You are a picky son of a ... ;)

2) Based on this very un-scientific poll https://forum.moomba.com/viewtopic.php?t=3950 Only 1/4 of all buyers actually order from the factory. The rest actually buy what is avaialble and go ski. No long tormented nights of deciding between green/white/grey vs white/grey/green.

3) The permutations of color choices is 32,400 !!!!!!!!!!! There is no possible way to keep a picture library of boats that do not exist. This is more than the yearly sales... by tenfold.

4) If your dealer can't explain the difference between the LS (direct drive) and LSV (v-drive) well enough to you, then they need serious help.

5) A catalog of options with GOOD pictures would be a HUGE help. It comes up all the time here. I'm so suprised by the lack of pictures of "up-sale" items. SC has the cheapest boat, why not upsell it with some options - we saved all this money, let us spend it with you by adding toys, features, or bling.

6) A video walkthrough is a nice idea too. If you went to www.Waterskimag.com - they review all ski boats yearly and have excellent video reviews w/ test drives, and commentary from the reviewer and an industry pro or manufacturer. The video reviewer is usually a cute girl too. (you seem to find that important)

7) The colorizer does not need the personal info, the boat builder does - this is so a dealer can contact YOU and answer the questions you have. If a person is looking to build one and look at price, they are usually ready to speak to a dealer seriously, so it makes sense.

8) More info on the build process would be cool too - I read a GREAT article from one of the online mags before I purchased - it had over 50 pics of a boat from start to finish, and lots of documentary. It should be a stiky link here IMHO... but my bet is that only 10% of buyers actually care about that stuff.

9) More info on electronics would be grand as well. Most common question here (besides what kind of beer Ed drinks) is "what model is the sub woofer"

... but then, we we would all be sitting around having nothing to answer if they put it all in the literature. :cry:

Congrats on the boat... I hope you enjoy the new toy when she arrives!