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05-15-2007, 07:43 PM
Hello All:

First post this season. It sure was great to get the Mobius back on the water. Everything went great, except…

I had Perfect Pass Wakeboard Pro installed the same time I had my boat Summerized last week. The Perfect Pass does not work, otherwise the first outing this year was flawless. The dealer has been very supportive, but I’m out of town until late next week, so can’t take it in for repair until then. I'm hoping I can fix it myself - as it would be a lot easier than hauling the boat across town.

Curious if anyone here has had similar problems.

Everything works on the Perfect Pass gauge display, but while underway, there is no MPH reading on Perfect Pass or on the stock gauge. My first instinct was that something was clogging the paddle wheel, but when I checked it, it was fine. Next instinct was that speed cables were connected to the control module loosely. They were OK, too. I tried resetting the system per the Perfect Pass manual and that didn’t fix it.

My boat is an ’05 Mobius LSV, 325 MPI.

Any help is appreciated!

Jim in Nashville

05-16-2007, 07:19 PM
Thanks for your reply, Ed. You're right. Don't want to have a $2,400.00 Perfect Pass setup. I will take it back to the dealer.

I do plan to look one more time under the dash to see if the connector pins were bent during the install, as I didn't have an inspection mirror with me when I checked the connections and had no desire to remove the control unit for inspection while camping. The manual states bent pins are a probable culprit.

Regardless, I can't overstate how great it was to have the Moomba back in its element this past weekend. This is the first time I've ever had to winterize a boat, and starting it up was pretty cool. Fogging oil makes a pretty impressive display when it burns off.

Started up with the engine cover open so I could hear everything. Some excess valve noise had me concerned for a few minutes, but just as I thought it would, it eventually went away.

I've fallen in love with my Moomba all over again!