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04-30-2007, 11:57 AM
There may already be a thread or two on this, but shall contribute another for anyone searching this info.

Here is a quick list of items to keep an eye on when checking over your systems. I had to give attention to the following at my 30 hour mark:

06 Outback

Positive & Negative main lead cables behind instruments: The nuts on the eyelets of both cables backed off causing my switches to go dead. A simple tightening, and all is well.

Main intake hose running from p/u in hull to impeller housing: Hose makes contact with a sharp bracket in the left front corner of engine compartment (the area where the hose makes the bend to meet up with the impeller housing). Regular vibrations caused wear on the hose. I placed a sleeve over the hose at the contact point as re-routing is not an option here.

Outlet Water off impeller housing: Hose runs dangerously close to one of the pulleys (alternator, if I recall correctly). Mine actually made contact and the pulley and wore halfway through the hose. I was able to rotate and position the hose up and away from the pulley to give about 1/2" clearance.

These are just a few items I came across that if gone unnoticed, could spoil an outing quite quickly. During your next check, give those items a quick look.