View Full Version : changing prop and fule consumption?

04-18-2007, 02:32 PM
I'm wanting to change the prop on my Outback so it has more power off the start. What affect does that have on the fuel consumption? I'm guessing that it will be running higher RPMs at wakeboarding speed and sucking up even more gas. Is it enough to notice and what prop is recommended?
I rode behind a new X2 this weekend with the 350HP engine and it took off like a rocket. I know my boat is capeable of comming out of the hole like that with the right prop.

04-19-2007, 12:14 PM
Pickle~ I just had my 04 Mobius LS repitched. I did mine due to altitude (mile high) in hopes of getting a better holeshot. I went from an OJ 4-blade 13x13 pitched down to 13x12 by a local prop shop. Cost only $75. THe difference is remarkable. Id say at least a 20% increase in holeshot BUT it now overrevs so you have to be real careful. I just took one of the kids washable red markers and made a red line on my tach at 4,800 RPM's (not sure what motor you have but I have the 310hp carb w/ WOT range of 4,400-4,800)as a reminder to me and anyone else who might be driving. I'd find a local shop and get their advice. Hope this helps?!