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04-08-2007, 05:32 PM
fellas, i want to change my impeller before i get started this season. i have had an issues with my local shop and in short don't trust them. besides oil/filter/impeller/trailer maint, what else are you doing? i've changed an impeller on a diesel engine on a sail boat and it was really easy. two bolts to remove the cover and the impeller came right out, replaced with new gasket and it was a done deal. what kind of job am i getting into on the 310hp carb engine?

04-08-2007, 06:48 PM
Impellor change is e-z , just take front of impellor cover off by removing 4-5 screws, mine is at the front of harmonic ballancer, you'll see your water p/up hose going to it. when you get cover off you will see impellor and can take like 2 small/slim screw drivers and pry old impellor out. once you get it started it'll come on out. you can grab it with neelde nose pliers after it get outa little ways. look which way fins on old impellor are folded and when you slide new one in rotate, while pushing in to get the fins folded same way. I put a shot of w-d 40 on mine to get it a little "slicker: :wink: I suppose your engine is same as mine. 5.7 indmar/chevy. drop oil drain hose thru floor drain plug hole and take cap off to drain oil. I always try to do mine after engine has been run as oil is warmer and will drain easier. If your in a cold climate and engine is cold it will drain ut super-sloooowwww.
they do make pumps to syphon oil from topside. change filter when you change oil. I always fill my filter with oil before installing so as not to have the brief period of dry pumping. I also dip my finger in oil and run a little around filter gasket. BE SURE old oilfilter gasket comes off (rubber ring)
when you take old filter off. Not often but occasionally old one will stick and if you dont catch it you will screw new one on top of old one and not get a good seal , all oil will leak out and could cost you a motor. I know a guy it happened to one time, Super-Lube guy didnt notice old gasket stuck to pump housing, all oil pumped out and seized engine, super lube covered it for him... fuel filter basically same deal. (oil gasket lightly) I just screw filter till gasket touches housing then go about 3/4 of turn more. also on your impellor housing cover dont torque the screws too tight, as brass is soft. just a good snugging with screw driver , be sure to cross tighten like top to bottom then side to side, a little a time so cover doesnt get warped. like dont just tighten one srew like crazy then go to next, know what i mean ? I run 20-50 w. penzoil might check your manual and see what they reccomend on your engine, mine is a '98. that should bout cover it, also make sure when you drain your oil you get about 5 qt.s out if it is full so you dont end up with too much oil in crank case. I did this one time when draining in cold weather, just assumed it had had enuff time to all drain, ended up with too much oil(not god either) according to dip stick so i had to drain some more out. :cry: enjoy and have an awesome spring/summer ! bob

04-08-2007, 07:35 PM
thank you bob for taking the time for such a thorough reply. it really is appreciated! best regards, tim