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03-30-2007, 01:16 PM
Hey all...Hoping to get into wake surfing this year after a series of spills last year wakeboarding have made ame a little edge-shy :(

I have an '04 Mobius LS w/ the gravity I in the rear w/ 400lbs plus the gas tank. I also have a 400lb tube sac in the locker. We usually have about 4 guys at any given time. My one buddy says there's no way I'll be able to surf behind the boat w/out more ballast. I've experimented with the wake and positioning passengers and the wake looks pretty sick to me? Anyone else surfin' with an LS or similar? Any advice for a beginner?

Also, how about boards? Seems there is either the 4'6" trick boards or the 5'6" beginner boards. I like the idea of starting easy and also having a board to share w/ guests but don't want to outgrow it to quickly and wish I had something a little more agile. There's also the 5'10'ish sized boards that seem like they'd be a good compromise. I"m an old skater and wakeboarder so my learning curve should be pretty short :roll: (yeah right). What about fins, rocker, weight, composition (poly), etc... Appreciate any advice!

03-30-2007, 11:42 PM
hey man,

We Surf behind my 04 Mobius LS with the stock front and rear ballast plus a couple 250lbs sacs on the drivers side with driver and a couple people in the back right corner. Is the wake as big as my buddys Super Air with 1500 Lbs? Not a chance. Do we still have a nice pocket to ride in? Ohh yeah. If I recall we run the wake plate about 1/2 way and sometimes I have had the front ballast about half full. we run at 10 mph. I find the wake clean on the drivers side, I have yet to get a clean wake on the passenger side.

As far as some serious edge catches I experienced the same thing which made me a little gun shy, I started wakeskating a couple years ago and have never looked back.

Good Luck.

03-31-2007, 05:13 PM
Thanks Cove..Good to hear. It oughta' be good to learn w then...we'll most likely get a V-drive next year so if I need more by then I'll have it...ride on!