View Full Version : Playpen cushion campaign

03-26-2007, 10:18 PM
Well, while I was visiting my dealer last year I told him just how the playpen cushion should be designed. Right down to fitting in the cup holders and the folding support. No more box to store or drilling to make the thing work. Easy to fold up and put away.

Leave it to the patent guy to not patent his one good idea.

The new Moomba cushion design is great but I hear there is not one sized and with the older vinyl for the older boats. Come on guys. I just went lalalala while the sales guy gave me the SC tale of woe. I ordered it, the least you can do is make me one.

Do you know some guy has a patent on the fat sack?

I donít know if that is more or less amazing than that the board people missed fins at both ends.

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