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03-25-2007, 09:47 PM
Friday afternoon, I went by and picked up my 04 Outback at my storage. Filled her up with fuel (which is another challenge I'll address in a minute) and drove home. Saturday we went to the lake and put about 1.5 hours on her... loaded on trailer and went to the house. later after washing/drying, I walked out and smelled gas... I first thought it was a passing by vehicle, then I noticed a drip at back corner of boat... I loosened the gas cap and fuel came out at a much faster pace... the Fill neck was slam full...overflowing out.... Go figure... The boat was parked on the street in front of my house and naturally, most streets taper to the sides for drainage so there MIGHT have had 5 Degrees of angle...not enough to push a 3/4 full tank of gas out like that... One engine anomaly that I noticed while running... she did get a little sluggish cranking and idling... could there be a Fuel Vent issue? some reason causing pressure in the tank to push fuel up the filler neck? After opening the gas cap and putting it back on, I towed to my storage and opened again there and no fuel then...???? I did not think much about the sluggish cranking and idling... until the fuel pressure...

The earlier issue about filling with fuel... this is one I gotta tackle... When fueling up at gas pump, gas splashes back about every 0.10 gallons! It takes forever to fill up.. I had this on the forum awhile back.. It seems the filler neck hose has a kink/crimp in it... I gotta check that one out. The guy I bought the boat from pointed the problem out and said his selling dealer told him it was normal... no problems.. IT IS A PROBLEM.. I forgot how much over winter... Suggestions appreciated..
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03-26-2007, 01:19 PM
You definitely have a problem. It sounds to me like a kink or obstruction in the vent hose. That would cause all of the problems that you have mentioned. If it is a DD Outback, then you need to remove the floor of the ski locker, which is directly over the fuel tank. Once that is out it should be pretty easy to follow the vent hose and find the issue.

Let us know how this turns out.


03-27-2007, 07:35 PM
Thanks Dave. I hope to look into this this week sometime.. It is stored across town.. It was 85 saturday so I am guessing that it was warm enough to heat up the tank, combined with the engine's warmth. I gotta figure out why it is a pain to put gas in so I don't go stir crazy. Smelling like gas after pumping stinks.. no pun intended..
But also, the vent issue concerns me too...

Thanks for the help.

03-31-2007, 07:13 PM
I pulled the floor out of the ski locker today and took apart the fuel hose assembly. I found not obstruction in the vent hose (other than fuel?) thought that was odd and fussed a little when I took a quick fuel shower. Anyway, I verified the hose was clear as well as the vent on the gas cap assembly. As i mentioned in my original post, I have had major issues fueling the boat. Original owner did too. I knew the 1 1/2" fuel hose was bent a little where it went into the tank.... So I embarked upon the challenge... not fun... But eventually I replaced the hose. It seems the factory fuel hose was about 2" too long and it kinked at the top of of the filler neck on the tank... The inside of the hose had closed down pretty tight. I was not able to go test it out at the fuel pump since it was pouring down rain by now.... I think this will probably solve Both problems... HOPE SO!

Thanks gotmyboat for the info on locker.