View Full Version : Bimini Top problems

CTD Mobi V
06-27-2003, 06:37 PM
I ordered a bimini top for my 2002 Mobis V, Three weeks ago from my dealer. Skiers Choice was to have it to them on the 19th on June. The 19th came and no top. I was then told that they had shipped it on the 20th of June and that it would arrive no latter than the 26th of June. Well it is now the 27th and still no top. The dealer has said that he has left several messages for someone at Skiers Choice to call them over the past two days and find out where the top is and no one is calling them back.I was even there when he talked to someone to get a tracking number and the person said he would call back in 5 minutes and never did. Then he tried to call back and the person had left for the day. I find this is terrible customer service to the dealer and my self. I could have taken my boat to a number of custom cover business and had a bimini on my boat, but I decided to stay with the manufacture and now I kick my self every day. I guess this would not be such a big problem except that I am a Manufactures Rep for a large Motorcycle Company. If this was happening to one of my dealers and customers, someones head would roll. I hope you don't treat all problems this way or wait I think you do because I am still waiting for a call back on the balast pump.

CTD Mobi V
06-30-2003, 11:58 PM
I just heard from the dealer today and it turns out the top was shipped on Monday the 23rd not the 19th as Skiers Choice had told them. It arrived today the 30th. I would not be so mad if someone would have told the truth from the start. I do not blame this on the dealer, only someone at Skiers Choice was affraid to tell them the truth. It would not be so bad except I have a baby and it is hard to find shade when your out on the lake.

07-01-2003, 02:52 AM
Sorry to hear about your top delays. It's possible that someone at Skier's Choice made an honest mistake, though. It's been my personal experience that this company bends over backwards to satisfy customers.....I hope any future dealings with them go better for you.