View Full Version : Anyone using an EQ w/their system setup?

01-18-2007, 12:07 AM
Is aonyone besides me using a EQ w/their system? I decided to go that route b/c 1.) The factory Kenwood only has 1 set of outputs and I needed 3, and 2.) I can control the volume of my tower speakers w/o turning down the volume in the boat. But, I have run into a problem w/my install that hopefully someone can help with. My EQ has a power hookup, ground hook up, and a remote hookup. I tried connecting the remote hookup the remote wire (the blue w/white strip in which my amps are hooked to) and I the EQ will not turn on. But if I hook the remote wires straight to the battery it will turn on. Anyone have any suggestons as to which wire I should connect my remote wire for my EQ to? Thanks

01-18-2007, 12:13 PM
The "remote" wire is a 12V trigger wire that tells the amps to turn on, only when the radio is on. The EQ should do the same thing if the power wires are direct to the battery. All "remote ready" componants wait for a presence of 12V on the remote wire, when it is present, then they use the 12 V power lines to actiually turn on. That is why the remote wire is so small and the power so large. You can run any accessory switch with 12V to the remote in of the eq, and probably not bother the sound at all. I would not run a direct line since then the eq would drain the battery.

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01-19-2007, 07:39 PM
the remote output of a head unit has very low current. I've seen several situations where people with multiple amps will have some not turn on. This is due to not having enough current for the amps and/or EQ to sence it. A quick fix for that is to use a 12V 15A relay and use the remote wire as the trigger for it and use 12V off of the battery as the source. That way when the relay is triggered you will have all the current you need supplied to the equipment. Good luck, let me know what happens.