View Full Version : new 2003 moomba outback

06-20-2003, 02:22 PM
just wondering if i would be able to get something that picks up the boats speed, i got the 310 indmar n want to just make it faster

06-20-2003, 11:28 PM
Most of these boats are designed for stump-pulling torque and geared with transmissions and props that max-out under 50. Tied stern to stern, from dead stop, you could probably drag a pair of high HP bass boats backwards.

Somewhere on here there is discussion about different prop pitches that might help you. They are not common in a wide variety of pitches. As somebody said, like a car, you have to give up some lowend torque in order to gain a few MPH on the top end. You gotta ask yourself if it's worth it to mess with props just to edge out a Malibu. (Just be suave instead and woo their women to ride with you.)

Another way is with a transmission change. These are geared about 1 to 1, but others are probably available. ( some inboard fishing boats have two speed trannys, with a granny-gear for trolling )
Sounds expensive. Be cheaper to buy an old 15 foot california sidewinder with a big outboard for days when you want to go to the lake to kick some ass.

The third way is by increasing motor RPM. Like any chevy v8 you can hot rod it to get power, but marine motors already are under huge stress, so you risk eventual failure if you push the red line. More power can no doubt be gotten from head porting, fuel injection, roller rockers, etc, but speed comes from higher redline, keeping prop and trans the same. Theoretically, to do this correctly means a complete motor rebuild to upgrade all components for racing redlines.