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03-05-2019, 11:26 AM
Anyone have any experience or options on XS Power batteries? I had two blue top Optmia batteries on my last boat. I loved them just wondering if switching to a different brand would be beneficial or worth it?

Thanks in advance

03-05-2019, 11:32 AM
My take on batteries is they are pretty much all the same. How they take care of you depends on how you take care of them. I normally buy Walmart or Duracell batteries for all my boats. I charge them fully after a day on the water and have had them last 7+ years. I never leave them drained or dead, and make sure i take care of them over the winter by fully charging them once every 3-4 weeks. Walmart batteries are made by the same company that makes a bunch of other brands (Johnson Controls). I have never found an INterstate battery to outperform regular batteries like Walmart, sams etc...

Some say the blue top are great, but for me i never wanted to pay that much for a battery when my regular wet cell's always work just fine. Batteries to me are all about how you maintain them just like you maintain your motor, your boat, your car.

03-05-2019, 11:35 AM
If these are for a house bank, its very simple. Look the Ah spec of the group-31 size XS-Power and compare it to the 75 Ah rating of the optima D31M.

03-05-2019, 11:43 AM
I have 2 of these. Batteries are not all the same.


They replaced group 31 2 diehard platinum marine which lasted 12 years. Diehard no longer offers this battery.

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03-05-2019, 01:55 PM
you can think that and i understand high cost batteries are a good choice like optima and/or lithium. But i do fish alot of tournments and i have a friend that fishes the same ones with me. My boat catches just as many fish, plays the radio just as well, starts the motor every time just like his. We both charge at the end of the day, same amount of time and back on the water for day two. The only difference is i paid $176 for two batteries on my TM and he paid over $600 for his two. Same performance. And TM motors can be brutal to batteries in fact i would say much harder than the batteries in my tow boat. Its all about how you take care of them that makes them last. The other difference is his 2 batteries weigh less which is good for bass boats.

03-05-2019, 02:19 PM
Wakes boats are all the same too :p Ok, seriously. Batteries are not all same, but choosing the best for the intended job and proper maintenance go along way. With that said, optimas have the lowest AH to $$$ ratio of any AGM. So, far from the same as other AGMs in that size class. Lithium? These have so far proven to no be a reliable option for boats. Way to high a cost, not to mention they require their own off-board charger. 3rd, im not sure id trust one in a boat just yet.