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01-02-2007, 02:41 PM
Community Section. Resources. 06 Winter Newsletter. Up for your reading pleasure. All boat show deals confirmed within.


01-02-2007, 04:42 PM
Any preliminary dates for the reunion this year yet Ed??

01-02-2007, 05:02 PM
cool just kind of hard to plan a trip like this on only 2-3 weeks notice.. Maybe I should message Jay?

01-03-2007, 10:06 AM
Hey Everyone, Ed is absolutley correct Mr. Brian Sheets has played an instrumental role in pulling off the Moomba Jamboree for 2 years. Had we not have had him it certainly wouldn't have been as successful. Brian and his efforts are truely appreciated. In a small way, all of those attending, tried to repay him with our contributions to the park.

We are working on dates as we speak, we just recently aquired the "master" schedule for all events and we are working around international events, as well as local. Stay tuned, you'll have plenty of notice as to the event. Jay

01-14-2007, 06:24 AM
Ed & Jay,

Thanks for the props...no pun intended. It's no big deal to help with that stuff, glad to do it. It's cool to see that many Moombas in one spot and meet all the other members of the family. The food is good, free, and plentiful.....and all the owners walk away with awesome raffle prizes.
Also the park got a nice donation from Skier's Choice. Last year we used the money to purchase longleaf pines, to be planted in one of our restoration zones.

The real driving force behind the Florida Jamboree is Ed G, Jay Warren & Brian Raymond at Skier's Choice, and Bob and Rob from Watersports of Central Florida.

If you decide to have it at Lake Louisa again this year (and of course you are most welcome to) let me know when a date is set so I can put it on our special events calender.



01-14-2007, 10:09 AM
cool just kind of hard to plan a trip like this on only 2-3 weeks notice.. Maybe I should message Jay?

I'm in the same boat (huge pun intended)
While my job is flexible, the kids are not and I need to plan on school absences and stuff.

01-15-2007, 03:56 PM
thank you for posting it here!
Brian is a Florida State Park Ranger at Lake Louisa State Park who does all the behind the scenes logistic planning for the reunion.

I talked to a fella named Tom down there today.
Got some guys up here are taken with spring lake fever and I'm considering a spring break wakeboarding/kneeboarding/tubing trip.

If its just dudes, we probably look at the cabins on Louisa.
If any dudettes come along, they will want to tour the canal up on Dora.
Early planning stages.
Ed, I'll pm you some questions about the lake later today.