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12-24-2006, 11:19 AM
OK...so if I buy an LSV, I guess I need to determine what options to have.

Our family just wakeboards and ski for fun. period. Nothing more than that. Also, this boat will need to last me a few years....like 4. So I want all the goodies worth having without masting money or buying things that require maintenance.

Skiers Choice could do a better job of showing options and giving details about them on their web site. I do know that my dealer is well informed - but it would be nice to see pictures rather than a line in a quote.

My concern is that I cannot really see great pics or written details of the options. Can someone help me?

I do not think that Perfect Pass is worth the money as we simply only board a few times per week in the summer. It is very expensive considering the LSV already as a form of cruise control.

Ideas for Options
Teak Platform - Anyone have pics? Does it sit on top of the rubber? Can I add it later? What maintenance does it require?

Gelcoat Upgrade. What is this?

What is the "Logo Cover"? What colours are available? Why do I think Black is the only colour? Can you I buy it from someone else and get another colour??

Board Racks - Can any other brands of racks work on the tower? Is $ 395 a good rack or are there some for $ 495 that swivel.

Kenwood CD Player and (4) Speakers - I assume these are on the tower? Are they? Is the tower pre-wired for lights if I buy the speakers here?

General Stereo Question Here. People who buy boats like these want more information about stereo items. What model # of stereo is it? What model # of speakers is it. Is the tower already including the pre-wiring for tower lights and speakers? What wattage are the speakers?


12-24-2006, 01:44 PM
Teak platform-requires a ton of maintenance. Does look nice but you have to decide whether the looks equal out the time it takes to sand and oil every season. You can add later however.

Gelcoat upgrade-2007 is the first year you can color the top deck and bottom hull. There is also a tri-color upgrade where you can choose a base color (white, platinum, or sandrock), have a main accent color and then also have a secondary accent.

Logo cover-just the main cover for the boat. This is only available in black and is made out of a great material called weathermax. Black looks VERY classy and cleans the boat up quite a bit compared to the old grey covers.

Board racks-simple and custom for the oval supports on Moomba's tower (no slip). Some companies such as Roswell are offering a swivel upgrade aftermarket.

Kenwood CD PLayer and speaker-Moombas do not come standard with a stereo. This is the basic AM/FM CD player with 6 speakers for the LSV in the cockpit of the boat. The tower only comes pre-wired if you buy tower speakers and/or lights.

Speaker and HU models- Head unit is KDC-232MR I believe. Speakers I am not sure of. Max wattage should be right around 160 though. Head down to your local dealer and you can get these model numbers. I have the exact models but not with me at this time.

As for other options, be sure to get the wakeplate!!!

12-24-2006, 07:54 PM

Thanks a bunch.

Any pictures of these items?

Also, I do not really trailer boat very often so I was wondering if the extra axle is worth it for reale??? Hmmmm.

12-25-2006, 12:30 PM
I don't have any pictures right now but send me an email to remind me and I'll get you a few shots. diamondlakesws@yahoo.com.

The single axle is rated for the boat that sits on it so its not going to be a problem there. I have no problem pulling a boat on a single axle trailer long distances but some people do. So I guess what I'm getting to, a tandem may help some on resale but not a ton.

12-26-2006, 01:54 AM
Skier's Choice has 2 brochures available that show LOTS of the available options in general or close-up pictures. Contact them and they will put them in the mail asap for you I'm sure.

Also, look in the community/resouce library section of the website and download a manual for the mobius LSV 07 model and look there for information about some of the more mechanical options - (and also find the answer to a seperate post issue)

It sounds like you want as much as you can get before hand to make a smart buying decision, great idea! Hope this gives you a bit more to chew on before the boat show season when you can get your hands on a real one.


Ian Brantford
12-31-2006, 11:54 PM
Hi, Shulag. Take a look at my old thread for a long discussion of options (most of which apply for the LSV as well as my XLV): https://forum.moomba.com/viewtopic.php?t=1831 .

I have the teak platform, and I'm happy about getting it, having seen the comparison in the showroom. It's all teak except for the bracket underneath.

Jon, nice answers, except that I disgree on the maintenance issue of the teak. It is not difficult -- kind of relaxing, actually. It's just a swim platform, not a veranda. You don't have to sand it every time. Compare this to others' horror, brought up a few times on this forum, with black footprints on white vinyl. It's from when the rubber top degrades slightly in sunlight. There is a fix, involving treating with a sealant. This doesn't sound like any less trouble than oiling occasionally. :-O

Sorry, but I don't have pictures either. Hopefully Shulag will get enough from the brochures that Joe mentioned.