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River ratz
11-24-2006, 07:50 PM
Hello everyone, first time poster.

I have a few questions about owners experience and which model would suit my family best.

I will be ready to buy my first NEWboat in 6mos. and I keep coming back to the Moombas. I would like to know if these boats are holding up well mechanically and so forth. Also how much of a discount is expected from the dealer.

Now, which one is right for me/family? My wife and I have 2 young children who tube and kneeboard while the wife and I wakeboard. We're not very good yet, although I can finally jump from wake to wake now without a tower behind our 18' Ebbtide. :lol: . Im almost positive I want a V-drive just for the simple fact of the extra seating for friends. We routinely have 6-8 adults with us. But which one? Not sure what options we need or want. We dont plan to be professional boarders or anything, so I would think the ballastI would be plenty. So would you recommend the Mobius LSV or the Outback LSV.


11-25-2006, 09:13 AM
You think you have 2 choices, but there are 3...though it is really 2.


The Outback LSV and the Mobius LSV are the exact same boat, barring 2 options. The Mobius adds the tower and ballast standard. That is it. So if you plan on ever adding the tower, then get the mobius. Period. You save about $400 over doing it later, and the ballast is factory installed vs doing it yourself. If you are never plan on going to a tower, and ballst can be done in the way of "friends" - then the Outback LSV is fine and save the $2000.

Now for the second choice:
The Outback V is actually the Outback LSV from 2005. Same amazing layout, but in a smaller hull(20'8" vs 21'6"). In 2006 they redesigned the hulls and made them longer by 10", wider by 2", and raised the freeboard 3". This may not seem like a lot, but the new boat is noticably larger, and the higher freeboard does get comments that you are "in" the boat vs "on" the boat. However - these apart, the Outback V is an EXCELLENT place to start for families, and people getting their first Inboard tow boat. The $2500 savings is also noticable!

All of the boats have the amazing Indmar 325 Hp engine with throttle by wire - which allows you to have free cruise control or direct links to perfect pass (which you will hear a lot of raves about - all of them are due) All the boats are built very solidly - with only a few problems over the years. Skier's Choice is pretty good about fixing anything which really goes wrong under warranty. The dealer network seems to be the only weak link right now and that is slowly improving. The ride and hadling of these boats is also remarkable. You will be amazed vs the I/O you have now. You may not get the top speed you are used too - but who the hell needs to go 48mph across the lake when you can do 42 in style ! (and get there a heck of a lot faster, pulling 4 skiers)

Hope this helps,


River ratz
11-30-2006, 03:38 PM
Mobius LSV it is.

Thanks for the detailed reply JoeTechie, much appreciated.

12-08-2006, 12:03 PM
As other post mention I would buy around the Boat show. Skiers Choice will throw is some options like Bimini, cover, 3 yr warranty, speakers, racks, wakeplate, ect (you can pick 3 or 4). You should be able to get a pretty well loaded LSV for about 39-40 before taxes. So you are looking at about a 4k discount. This is at least what I saw last year when I purchased mine. The LSV is awesome and 2007 will look even better with the different color options and colored deck.