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09-05-2018, 08:50 PM
New to the forum. Read a fair amount of your posts but just recently joined. Any advise would help

I have an opportunity through a long series of family and friends to buy a 99 Moomba outback ls. I currently have the boat but have not paid for it yet. Basically the deal is I can buy the boat for 3-4,000 depending on how much work it needs. My in laws grandma owned it but the grandkids took it and never winterized it. Looks like they tried to jb weld the block and exhaust manifolds.

I kind of thought if I could throw a new indmar in $4,500 and exhaust manifolds $500 plus some misc parts/labor $2,000 and a tower $1,000 I could have a pretty nice boat with a zero hour engine boat for around 10k

I am getting a price from the local boat dealer but want to educate myself. I am pretty handy but not ready to take this one on. I am hoping for advise on anything else to look for and ask dealer. Want to make sure they plan on doing it right as well. Wondering what everyone thinks on pricing and my idea of what everything is going to cost.

Also open to suggestions and input on good places to take to have the work done. Located in Eau Claire Wisconsin


09-05-2018, 10:03 PM
I just did exactly that. I bought a short block for 1500 and put my heads on it. I put a new starter $100, new alternator 90 amp $200. My manifolds did not crack but they are $250 each on Amazon and EBay. Mine has a tower. Paid 5K for the boat. Put new carpet and replaced half the upholstery for another $200 (guy who did the leather in my airplane cut me a great deal). I have about 8K and the boat looks and runs like new!


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