View Full Version : Great Support from Nautic Laugic

08-30-2018, 10:46 AM
My dial speedometer stopped working or would cut out over 10 mph. I had the Nautic Laugic NL4-Sc gps unit installed instead of using the paddlewheel. I reconnected the paddlewheel and both digital cruise and the dial worked fine. I emailed Nautic Laugic. The unit was 3 years old, two years out of warranty. Cary Joiner started a lengthily email chain trying to help me. After some testing he determined the single signal output was not strong enough to power both digital cruise and the dial anymore. He recommended changing to a NL4-MW with the optional digital cruise cable. This unit has two output signals. One plugs straight into the dial speedometer and the other plugs into the paddlewheel connectors for the computer. Everything works great again. Best upgrade I have made to the boat. They gave me a 50% discount on the new unit and refunded about half the cost of the original unit. Nautic Laugic and Cary really stand behind their products.