View Full Version : XLV 09 sure wave?

08-27-2018, 01:05 PM
Hi. Looking for info on what the xlv hull can do for a wave. Iím not very familiar with Moomba. Have rode a lot of he older generation boats Sanger, Malibu, Tige and centurion. The deeper the hull Iíve found when weighted right is ideal. Also any other things I should be aware of with Moomba. Iím not familiar with the Moomba cruise system is it any good? What engine is best in the 09 xlv if they had options Hat year ? Appreciate the help. Thanks

08-28-2018, 12:07 AM
Do a search on Boonejeepin he had a 10xlv and had a legit wave on it.

Trayson should chime in because he has an 06 I think and the hulls are very similar.

08-29-2018, 02:25 PM
Mine is a 2008, which is the first year they went to the new hulls. They're a great sought after boat for being the former Moomba flagship boat. in 2009 they went to the faster, more reliable ballast system with reversible pumps. 2008 and prior had slow aerator pumps and sprinkler valves so you need to gut the system and start over.

Most people will get the 1180 gravity games bag for the front and put 900s or 1100s in the rear. you can also put a 400 nicely under the surf side seats. It produces a clean big wave with a suck gate and 3000+ pounds of weight. The two engines I know about were the 325 assault and the 340 CAT ETX which is obviously more power. I've heard Moomba cruise is better than nothing, but no replacement for Perfect pass. But you could always upgrade to PP or Ridesteady by throwing some money at it. :-)

The storage is amazing in the XLV with the playpen bow. the locker under it is HUGE (3 to 4 boards). I'm very happy with mine.