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10-23-2006, 11:07 PM
So here I am up in Toronto Canada and I decide to buy this 01 Mobius, took the boat for a good 45 min test drive without the salesman..talk about trust. I don't really know too much about these boats but ski/wakeboard boats in good condition at fair prices are rare up here, this one seems to be good on all fronts. Unfortunately the test drive was the one and only time I've driven it, haven't even boarded behind it yet, shrink wrap is on and it will be delivered to the dock in the spring....yes it will be a long winter. Okay enought rambling.....I do have a couple question I could use some help with.

1. I would like to put the new Mobius graphics on the sides...any idea on the best place to get them? Is it the dealer or should I try to get them direct from SC to save $$$. Are they pretty easy the take off and change?

2. The tower on the boat has no speakers...yet. Is the tower prewired, if not is it tough to run the wires inside or do people just leave them outside?

3. Boat has what I suspect is a factory ballast under the back seat, any idea how much weight that is and also is it possible to overfill it? Is there some kind of safety system to prevent that from happening?

Oh well that's enough for my first post.

Thanks for any help

10-24-2006, 08:52 AM

My 1st Moomba was a 2001 d-drive, you will enjoy it!
Decals come off fairly easy. Use a hair dryer to warm them up as you peel them off. I would see if SC can hook you up with the decals. I would recommend you have someone experienced with decals put the new ones on. Some automotive body shops can do it or a sign shop. They are big decals and one slip up, they are as good as garbage!

I doubt the tower is prewired, it is not real hard to wire it. You will have to fish a stiff wire or use a fish tape. You will have to drill a few holes. I would not recommend running the wires on the outside.

I have heard a lot of different numbers on the ballast weight, If I remember the bag is not all that big. Water weights ~ 8 pounds / gallon.
Figure it is a 40 gallon bag (guess) would be 320 pounds. Not possible to over fill, once it starts pushing water out turn off the fill.

Since you are in Canada I KNOW you could use a drysuit! I am in North Dakota and I wear mine on and off all year long! Check them out at www.wakezone.biz (if you are lowering the tower you might be interested in the RackJack as well)

Summer 2007 is just around the corner!

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10-24-2006, 09:54 AM
Welcome to the club Raceready, Have you decided where you plan to run your boat? Local or taking it north?

Im just in Hamilton. So Im curious.

You are gonna love that boat!!


10-25-2006, 05:46 PM
Hey Yellow Mobius,

Thanks for the info, it will for sure be useful. Luckily I have a full quiver of suits to wear from shorties to full suits so I can get the most out of the season, our summer is way too short and the purchase of a boat makes it even more painful when the leaves fall. I guess I'll have to wait until April now and since I rung my bell enough behind my buddy's 17 foot outboard my head could use a wakeboarding break anyway.


Likely will be using the boat up north most of the time, is Lake Ontario too rough for the hull design? Where do you ride most of the time? It would be great to hook up with a group to boat with from time to time as I suspect like most finding a 3rd can be tough so the more the merrier.
Feel free to pm me with the details. Are there many Moomba's in our area?