View Full Version : General Questions: 99 Outback

06-16-2003, 09:21 AM
I just bought a 99 Outback with 114 hours on it. I don't have all the manuals yet, but have some general questions:

1. Trailer: 5 pin connector on trailer. I only had a 4pin and used that temporarily. Didn't notice any braking and also didn't have any braking when I backed up on a level surface. Shouldn't the trailer brake when backing up if you don't have the 5pin on your vehicle's harness? (I did buy a 5pin adaptor anyway). Anything I can check on the trailer without taking it to a mechanic? Tires still have nubbies and was told the trailer has less than 25 miles on it, as it was used only twice.

2. Glove Box: There isn't a glove box. Is there an aftermarket one that I could put in on the observer's dash?

3. I have a replacement Indmar engine as the original cracked the block over the winter. Anything I need to look for or verify? I'm taking it to a mechanic to get ready for water (still winterized), but was told it was a stock engine, replaced over a year ago, but only about 25 hours ago.

Thanks for any general comments or specific ones, as I'm new to the whole world of inboards. Thanks!