View Full Version : Flies in my Bimini - Ughhhhh

North Woods Mobius
10-18-2017, 02:04 PM
So we were up at our place in Northern Wisconsin last weekend to put the boat away for the winter and generally chill out in advance of the wife's 50th Birthday celebrations this week. The last time we were up there (3 weeks ago), I left the bimini up when I put our `14 LSV on our covered hoist, which I generally don't do. When I took the boat out to drive it over to the boat ramp to trailer to the dealer, as soon as I un-zipped the front of the bimini to fold it up for the trip, literally HUNDREDS of flies started pouring out of the front zippered pouch that stores the front arms when it's all put away. It was HIDEOUS as hundreds of half-formed and barley flying flies started pouring all over the floor and seats, and despite my best efforts at cursing them, they just kept coming. Luckily, the wife is tough as nails and totally unfazed so we just started shoveling them of the boat, although we ended going back to our place to get the portable vac to suck up of those little buggers.

So my question for you guys is: has this ever happened to you guys at this time of year, and do you take any preventative measures to avoid this? We (almost) always pack up the bimini when we leave the boat on the hoist when we leave, but for whatever reason I left it up and this happened .... Any thoughts/suggestions on how to prevent this going forward? "Cause I never want to see that again....

10-18-2017, 03:00 PM
Stop storing meat in your Bimini.
Sounds like something out of a horror movie.