View Full Version : 05 LSV rear seat nail points tearing upholstery

Will Watters
08-29-2006, 01:59 PM
I have lived with this problem for a year now, and I think all of my family and friends have experienced the uncomfortable foot prick do to nail points that extend outward towards the top of my rear seat (through the upholstery).

Now the points have actually pierced the upholstery on the rear seat. Since the seat is used as a step to the sun deck, I think SC needs to address this if they have not already. Before I take my seat into the dealer to complain, I wanted to have an idea of how many other LSV owners have had their feet pierced when stepping on the rear seat. Also any SC folks monitoring this board (Bryan Raymond) can pipe in and comment about what SC can do to address this problem.

Will Watters...

08-29-2006, 06:01 PM
I had the same problem with my 05 LSV. There was something on this shortly after I bought mine. I took it back to the dealer and the replaced the screws with shorter ones. Problem over. If your dealer is close to you, take it back, otherwise ask what lenth to use. I think they had used 1 1/4 and should have used 3/4. I may be wron on the length, but you get the picture. Since they were aware of it and told people to take it back, hopefully they will take care of the holes by replacing it. Good Luck.


08-29-2006, 08:31 PM
I pulled them, ground the tip off and put them back. They do know they used the wrong screws in a few. I was just unwilling to take the time to let the dealer do it.

1/4 inch and now unnoticed no matter what you do on the seat.


08-30-2006, 10:25 AM
I have this same problem in my '06. It's a shame if they are aware of the problem and not resolving it going forward. Especially since this fix is as simple as using shorter screws.

08-30-2006, 11:23 AM
yea, I suggest since the screws are so close in lenght, change the head to a square r/t philips - or tap the hole and use flat end screws. Or use the bolt design used on boat seats to the tower - those are indistructable.

added since I see RickT is lurking :)