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09-20-2017, 03:26 AM
I was hoping you guys can help me out here a little bit. We bought a new to us 2005 Mobius LSV. Have any of y'all ever had a Krypt flat cargo wakeboard tower installed on your Moomba? Every time we are in the boat I hit my head on the Bimini top. I'm looking to get a Bimini that is over the tower mounted and was hoping to get some advice. Krypt has an over the tower mounted folding Bimini but they said it doesn't work on the tower we have, which I think is the gen 2 Moomba tower. I attached a picture of the boat and tower that we bought and I would appreciate any help from anybody. Any advice on the Krypt cargo towers, which they said would fit my tower, or advice on any other over the top of the tower Biminis would be appreciated thank you

09-20-2017, 08:10 AM
I had the over/ under krypt bimini on my old mc and really liked it for the price. No idea of fit on your tower but in my opinion over tower biminis look odd and likely lose some shade effect. If you go krypt call ken as I've always been able to negotiate the price down but i do live local to him.

09-20-2017, 09:36 AM
I have the Indy flat bimini, which I believe is the same as Krypt and Billet. We bump heads occasionally, but given it's like half the cost and covers a LOT more area than an over tower bimini, we're sticking with it. The higher you go, the less shade you get, and also the narrower the bimini needs to be as the tower is narrower up there.

We have ours all the way up to just below the speakers, and we have the cargo bars under it. This arrangement keeps the stowed boards completely in the shade.

09-21-2017, 10:56 AM
Isnt that tower a Roswell?

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