View Full Version : Safety Issues to Think About

08-12-2017, 12:15 PM
The past few weeks we had some related deaths that could affect you all so here are the stories:

Fifteen year old got shocked and a subsequent drowning. Probable charges against the owner. Home owner lawyer up.


The boating drowning victim surfaced after four days. The problem with having glass water all the time is you can see objects in the water. In this case, the family watched the area that the victim drowned and on the fourth day the body floated to the top in front of the family. What started as a day out boating turned out tragic when two boats traveled next to each other and one of the boats turned into the other causing the other boat to do a power turn causing all occupants to be thrown out including a 10 year old without a life jacket on. Alcohol appears to be an issue and criminal charges are expected. Boat drivers lawyer up.