View Full Version : bad vibes = new prop

06-10-2003, 07:44 AM
Does anyone have a recommendation on what kind of prop to buy? I.E. brand. What size, pitch comes factory on the 2001 Mobius?

Brian Raymond
06-10-2003, 10:21 PM
Bruce, if it is a direct drive Mobius, your suggested choices are a 13x13x1" 4bladed nibral prop, the 4blade will help lift the aft end up to put more keel in the water for more displacement, hence bigger wake. This prop. is made of a soft material and flexes when under load, like a car radiator fan, and is known to cavitate(spin freely under water with air bubbles passing by it) in hard WOT turns, which may mke the engine rev. up and create heat marks on the outer edge of the prop. blades. If you should hit an under water obstacle, the prop. can be repaired rather cheaply. Your other option is a 13x13x1" stainless prop. It too will have the same lift characteristics of the nibral, but without the flex, and have a better holeshot(felt by adv. skiers) under load. The downfall is, hitting the under water obstacle, will be more costly to repair. If possible, try both, and you make the call. For the Vdrive Mob; 14x18x1 1/8" nibral 4blade or stainless, both have L.H. rotation.Brian Raymond