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08-14-2006, 09:06 PM
I just changed out the fuel filter slash water separator. From the looks of the one I pulled out, it was painted all black and was rusty around the lip of it. Id guess this to be the original filter. I bought the boat used (2002 LSV) and it currently has 230 hours on it. I had a hard time getting the old one to turn, its in a very crowded spot. I had to use a filter wrench. I cut the bottom off a plastic gallon milk jug to put under it to catch any gas that might spill around. That worked pretty good but I still ended up spilling some. I had to remove the blower fan to get at it. Even then I had a hard time getting out once I had it unscrewed. The filter was full of gas so I couldnt turn it at all while trying to get it out of the engine compartment.

Here is what I learned about part numbers for replacement, etc.

Original part # Indmar 786020
Replacement part #'s: Fram PS3808
(I used this one, got it from a Checker Auto Parts, West Marine also stock it)

Mercruiser #35-807172 ( I had to use this number to get my Fram cross reference, they didnt show any reference to the Indmar number)

The whole reason for changing the filter was the engine is running a little rough at idle, likes its missing. Runs great once I power up and cruise. Im going to change the spark plugs as well, hopefully this will clear it up.

07-16-2020, 08:51 PM
Thanks for the post. I was very confused why the Fuel Filter set on the bottom of the Fuel Pump and was a spin off on my 04 LSV. Need to change the filter tomorrow and then if not running better need to change out the fuel pump. I've looked for 2 nights now for an inline filter. Couldn't even see this one until I shined the LED work light just right.

Have you changed the Fuel Pump. Looks a little scary in there. Comments welcome. I think pump is part # 81610 according to SkiDim.