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08-14-2006, 05:17 PM
Need some quick thoughts from you guys out there. I happened to stop by my dealer this weekend looking for some parts and ended up looking a the 06 LSV (I have an 05 now). Talked some numbers with the dealer for a while and it looks like I may be able to get into one for not alot more than I'm paying for my 05 right now due to some various factors. Since I haven't really been in the market for a new boat, I hadn't paid much attention to the changes in the 06's. I'm almost willing to make this deal because the boat that I was looking at has fuel injection and a dual axle trailer which are two things I wish I would have got the first time. What else is different from the 05 to the 06 that would be worth making the change? And, is there anything coming in 07 that I should hold out for?

08-15-2006, 12:49 AM
The largest change from '05 to '06 was the hull redesign. Larger by enough to notice. Longer by 10", wider by 3", makes for a much roomier seating area and more storage. Deeper V, cuts chop much better. Wider hull = wider wake = good or bad depending on your viewpoint. Heavier boat = larger wake. Taller hull= more freeboard, feels more like you are IN the boat vs ON the boat. Also reduces waves over the bow or stern.

Second was the tower redesign - Thicker tubes = less sway and racking. Two connection points, flows with boat and windshield nicer. Folds back vs forward, and folds lower (I think).

Third was fly-by-wire throttle. Built in cruise control capable, smoother action, and easier control for PP.

Extended Rear storage compartments now hold a wakeboard, ski, kneeboard, whatever without ballast filled.

Oh, for ed: Larger built-in cooler.

For '07 - new rounded captains seat, bow rails, ss cup holders and grab handles.

Hope this helps,


08-15-2006, 09:48 AM
I tend to agree, not the best cooler (we use it for munchies so they wont get crushed). But the ones on the 06 lsv is FAR better than the hole in the floor of Ed's outback.



08-15-2006, 11:43 AM
Ed -

My 'hole in the floor' works pretty good, because my lakes are not 90F like they are in FL. The top 6' of the Sierra lakes at this time of the year is about 70F at best. I freeze some water bottles and throw them in with the beer and green tea. Stays drinkable all day.

I am still working on my plans for the keg-r-ator behind the observer seat with the tap coming up next to the glove box door. My wife doesn't want to lose the storage for the life jackets. Beer vs PFD, obviously her priorities are out of whack.


08-15-2006, 12:04 PM
I do that move too. Open the trap door and let the bow floor drain into the cooler. My best so far was hitting a wake so big that the water came over the windshield and got the dash (and me) wet. My lake gets so full of 24' Malibus and X-Stars that I feel like I am on the North Shore. You don't even need your own boat to wakesurf.:p