View Full Version : Need some cover help/advice

06-26-2017, 09:45 AM
Im looking for a cover for my '17 Craz. The factory cover is great when the tower is up but unfortunately storing with the tower up is not an option. I store under a carport type cover and it just isnt tall enough (I'm having to figure out something with the quick release wake board racks already (to tall with them inside). So I'm looking for a cover to fit a '17 Craz with the A3 tower folded. I borrowed a friends pontoon cover and it works (sort of) but does leave the hull above the rub rail by the windshield (aka where the tower folds down) exposed and I really don't like that. The factory cover will not fit at all when the tower is down. It might with the bimini removed but that would only be a temporary fix because I wouldn't want to have to remove that every time to store the boat.