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06-25-2017, 11:35 AM
So I've been looking at getting a v drive for a while now. I'm still about a year or so out from getting one as I have two youngsters under the age of 2. I've been looking a lot at the 03-05 LSV. I know they redesigned the hull in 06 and they are a lot better but I can get the older generation hull for about $10k less. I know a lot of people on here had the older generation and have since upgraded to the newer hull. The main complaints I saw were low free board, bad in rough water and the wake is weight sensitive. I think I'd rather put 10k towards college for the kids than get a newer hull. I only wakeboard right now but would like to try wakesurfing when I get an inboard. I have an i/o right now. How is the wake when fully loaded? Thanks in advance!

06-25-2017, 07:49 PM
Wakesurfing on that old hull is meh. If you can swing it get the newer hull, in the long run you will be happier.

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06-27-2017, 11:17 AM
No complaints with either in my '05 LSV. Wakeboard wake likes extra weight in the nose and the surf wave is good with a suck gate.