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08-12-2006, 11:46 AM
Hello all, I know there are tons of posts on ballast out there and I've read about every one of them and it helps a lot, but I still have some q's.

I know my DD is not the wakeboard boat of the century, but I think it can get the job done with enough weight in the right spot. My goal is to add as much weight, while taking up as little room as possible.

I see on wakeside that there is an integrated bow sac that is supposed to fit under the bow seats and add 700lbs of ballast. Has anyone tried this? There just seems to be so little space under my bow seats, I don't want to get it if it's not gonna fit. My guess is that it will fit, but I'm not gonna get 700 lbs in it, I was hoping for around 500 at the least.

Also, has anyone tried the Fat Seat Sac from Fly High? If so, how does it fit, I can't find dimensions on it anywhere. It may be a little overkill with over 1000lbs, but I wouldn't necessarily have to fill it all the way would I?

Thanks for the help,

08-16-2006, 09:12 PM
I haven't tried either of those sacs, but I bought 2 pair of the side sacs, that are 260# each, for my Outback DD. I put one under each side bow seat, and I can almost fill them all the way up and still close the seat/lid so I know that I am gettting at least 400# in them, probably closer to 450#, and I still have the front area open to keep my anchor and a couple of PFDs. I also put one of the side sacs on the floor right behind the engine cover between it and the back seat. So with the 350# in the factory tanks plus the 260# from that sac I should have 610# in the rear. This is pretty close to the ideal 60/40 rear/front weight distribution. And at right aroung 21-22 mph, the wake is really nice. One of my friends can land backrolls all day long and has landed a raley a few times. We tried filling up the 4th sac and placing one on each side of the engine instead of the one at the back, but the wake got kind of rampy and rounded on top. Not to mention that I had the maximum weight capacity of my boat in ballast, which was not as scary as I thought. I considered putting the sac in the floor in the rear ski locker instead, but I was worried about the weight on the factory tanks and I wouldn't be able to fill it all the way up anyway. Besides, since the bow seat storage in unuseable, I have to stuff all those orangies somewhere. Hope this helps!

08-17-2006, 09:37 PM
NCSUMoomba, its wakesetter101 from End of the Rope Gang. Good to see you over here also.

I would say that you should be able to get at least 500lb with that bow bag. Sometimes on the week day when the water is calm, i have about 1600lbs of water/lead weight in my boat. (Mobius LSV). You will have rollers coming over the front if your not carefull.
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08-18-2006, 09:50 AM
Oh hey ws101, glad to know you are over here too! Yea, I had some weightlifting weights in my boat for a while, but I hated dragging that extra weight around trailering, of course the cast iron is not as heavy as lead, and we were experimenting with weight placement before I bought my fat sacs.

Mase, you might try to email flyhigh and ask for more dimensions of that bow bag. I know the ones they list on the sites is rather vague, so if you had more dimensions, then you could measure and try to get a more accurate idea of how much you can fill it up. You might could ask them about the fat seat as well. It looks like it will not fit unless the you can remove the back seat, which on some boats you can, but not on mine, and I am not familiar with the 06's, but I a pretty sure it is the same as mine, with the gas tank under it. I have found that the more weight in the front, the better the wake is, since that is the part of the hull that is V-shaped. We loaded down the back of mine once just to see, but the wake got really rounded. Just keep the 60/40 rule in mind, so obviously, if you get 500# in the front bag, you will need 750# in the rear, which is the size of the "original" fat sac which is 20"x20"x50", so if you can fit that in the rear storage area, since you don't have the factory ballast, you would be golden.

08-19-2006, 06:33 PM
After talking to someone with the fat seat sac, I think it's too big for my boat and my needs, but like you said, the 750lb. fat sac would be good. What do you mean by "putting it in the rear storage area?" Do you mean under the rear seat (if I put it up)? Where is the ballast located if you get factory ballast installed?

08-20-2006, 10:27 PM
mase, I think the back of our boats is different. In my 2001 Outback, the factory ballast tanks are mounted in the bottom of the rear storage area. If I pull the carpeted panels out, I can see the two hard plastic tanks. To fit these, my fuel tank is under my rear seat, so there is no storage or space under my rear seat. The rear seat cushion sits on a fiberglass enclosure that surrounds the fuel tank. I believe on your boat, there is space under the rear seat, and I assume the fuel tank is in the bottom of the rear storage area. The rear storage area I am referring to is the one at the very back behind the rear seat. How deep is the rear storage area of you boat? Mine is only about 8 inches. It looks like from looking at the photos of the 06 Outbacks, that if the rear seat is removed (or doesn't it "convert" to a larger sundeck?) then the 750# sac, the 20x20x50 one should fit fine, but it is kind of in the way. You might can find one to fit under the seat. They make one that is 10x16x62, but it may not fit and it is only 370# You might have to mix and match bags to get what you need if you want to hide them, maybe one for under the seat (that you may not be able to fill all the way) and one in the rear storage area.