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08-08-2006, 05:56 PM
Hey all...1st post! I've been lurking all summer and decided to finally reach out for some advice. And yes, I've read every single post since early '04 and searched the archives accordingly (like a good newbie should). I've been going back and forth betwen the Outback Ddrive & Vdrive, mainly for cost reasons. A little about me...Live in Denver, married, 30 something, two kids, grew up on a lake in Iowa skiing, recently started wakeboarding...yada yada yada...Going down to talk to my dealer on Fri when he gets back from the Moomba meeting in Tahoe about ordering a new '07 sometime before the boat show in January, in order to avoid the early spring order rush. Don't mind her sitting in the garage for a month or two. Time to get aquainted, rub her with a diaper, sit and listen to the stereo while drinking a beer and dreaming about the warm summer months head, lol.

A couple quick questions if anyone woud be kind enough to throw in their .02:

1. New color scheme/graphics on the outback DD: Not sure if I like it? Is this a new two color scheme plus gelcoat color? Curious if I could do black instead of the blue and fossil instead of the yellow with the sandrock gelcoat color on the top and inside fiberglass. Interior upholstery would be sandrock as well with greay and fossil accents. Basically similar to the '06 XLV shown on this site. Is this possible? ps-liked the swirl logo better too I think but could live with either. Anyone hate their black hull because of the water spots? Talk me out of getting it?

2. I see a gravity III ballast option for the outback DD: Where in the heck would that go? Have they reinforced the area above the gas tank? Under the bow seats? SKi locker? Dealer told me on the '06 there's nowhere to put ballast except under the rear seat?

3. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Ddrive or Vdrive??? Many of the posts I've read say the Ddrive is adequate for beginner-intermediate wakeboarding. It's shown in the catalog with a tower and described as an entry-levle wakeboard boat...I know about the hull design, etc...but if I weighted it down enough (back to question #2) it should be decent dont you think? I'm too old to have ambitions of big air tricks so a moderate wake would suffice. The kids won't need a biger wake for several years at the soonest. Plus, I'd love the ability to get back to my roots and enjoy the perfect slalom wake every so often (good bye I/O submarine starts!!! yay) Lighter weight for towing behind my 4Runner is also a consideration.

On the other hand, as seems to be norm around here, the Wife likes the Vdrive better (larger sundeck, open layout, etc) Can't argue with her there. An extra $5k is definitely worth considering, but also a big chunk of change that could be spent on tower, stereo, wakeplate, etc.

Intersted to see what my dealer says on Friday but wanted some more opinions first...I'm inclined to think the Ddrive would be fine, but fear regretting that decision too soon and wishing I stretched my budget for the Vdrive.

Sory for the lenghty post but a guy has a lot of questions after drooling over everyone else's boats all summer :)

Many thanks in advance...Can't wait to own a Moomba!!!

08-08-2006, 06:45 PM
I have an '05 Outback DD, and it is the best purchase I have ever made. I am an old-school slalom skier and love the little bitty wake at 34. It will never be more than a mediocre wakeboard boat, but I can live with that. I feel that the DD can be a better wakeboard boat than a V can be a slalom boat. Since it was my $30K, we went with the DD. One thing to also consider is the fuel tank. My DD has a 28gal tank as opposed to the 40gal on the V. I bring 20gals in cans every weekend for a fill up. At 4 gal/hr one tank is 7 hrs at best. Definitely go for the 325EFI motor and I also recommend the tandem axle trailer. I have had absolutely no problems with my boat so far (50 hrs.) Didn't get Perfect Pass, but Santa is gonna come through this winter.

Good luck and have fun.


08-08-2006, 07:10 PM
Hey iaonbb,

I am in about the same spot as your self, gotta go to the lake but dont have a boat of my own YET. I am thinking same ordering this fall/early winter. I am in Colorado on the western slope. Which dealer are you working with? And how are they treating you? ( or e-mail on here in PVT)
I am 35 ex wife and two kids and am thinking the Vdrive is the only way to go cause the kids bring alot of stuff! and boats dont store it very well..... at least all the ther boats I have been on. V drives are on here have pretty good rep in this area on here.

08-08-2006, 07:12 PM
Dave~ well put "DD can be a better wakeboard boat than a V can be a slalom boat" Kinda what I was thinking...


Ed g~ Also what I was thinking...might outgrow it quickly...assuming the Vdrive has a darn good slalom wake, it'd be tough to sacrifice the space and a MUCH better wake...I'm guessing between myself, all my buddies and the kids that wakeboarding/surfing will dominate most of my future water time.

Forgot to ask...searched the archives and honeslty couldn't get a good feel for the EZ cruise and how well it works compared to PP...it is standard on the EFI (which is now standrad on both boats circa '07) Wondering if I can justify another $1200 if the cruise works "almost" as good..any thoughts?

Dang! just like the brochure says..."choosing a Moomba is easy...choosing which one is the hard part"!!!

08-08-2006, 07:16 PM
aintskeered~ Rocky Mountain Boat Co aka romoboco..awesome!!! can't say enough good things about them! Very, very impressed thus far...looking forward to working with their Moomba expert Bill. The guys at SC know him well and have for years...can't get a beter referral than that! Thye promised me a deal that will be at least as good as the boat show incentives, if not beter....something like free tower speakers, wakeplate, waranty and bimini...hoping they throw in a few other toys as well..I'll know more on SAt, I'll let you know the deal if youre interested...pm me this weekend, thanks

08-08-2006, 07:25 PM
I am glad to hear this is who you are working with. I spent a few months on here educating myself on this fourm before I started calling dealers. Bill at Rocky Mountain Boat Co was the ONLY one whom didnt try and feed me a line.(thanks All members education is Power) At least not the first few times I spoke with him. I have a demo ride set up for this fall and I am planning on bringing some $ if we can agree on it. every thing. Please let me know how this works out with the early buy/pre boat show deals, and any snags you guys get caught up on

08-08-2006, 08:25 PM
Sorry Ed, I have not chimed in on this... Mowing what grass I have left with the drought we are in in okla.

Anyway guys, time for me to give some input and do listen to what Mr. Ed has to say. As Ed stated unless you are really into comp skiing, I would upgrade to the vdrive. Just make sure you get the wakeplate. I have had both the ddrive and vdrive and would never switch back (and yes I do like going thru the course every once in a while). With the new outback v or the older Mobius LSV with the plate in the down postion the wake is not bad thru a course.

I had a outback and never had a problem. I then bought a vdrive (big brother) and have skied the course about 4-5 times and the wake was not that bad. Plus you will have so much extra storage and you will not regret your purchase in two years. (not stating that they are not "awesome boats")

Which lakes are you hitting in Colo. My mother lives up in Evergreen and she told me that most the local lakes are horrible.

Last but least, If you go with a 07 don't worry about having to upgrade to the 325 EFT, because Skier's Choice is not longer using any Indmar Carb engines.


08-08-2006, 08:35 PM
Hey qb12...always listen to your mother...she's right, they suck...namely Chatfiled...BUT, if you travel a coupe hours south to Pueblo it's pretty good...then there's WY, NM and of course, McCounaghay in NE (sp?) I gave up on finding that early morning/late afternoon glass I'm accustomed to in IA and MO...but I just couldn't live without a boat any longer...Wife keeps trying to get me to move back to the midwest but not any time soon...CO rocks! Lucky for me I'm an early bird so I might catch a few good morning runs every now and again...kinda why I'm leaning more towards wakeboarding at this point. Beter suited to the chop and crowds around here.

Thanks for the advice...Gonna be hard to not get the Vdrive I think. Hoping for a stellar deal. I'l remind the dealer that they probably aren't going to sell a lot of boats next year...not with gas prices at the marina jumping to around $5 soon (thanks BP). Maybe they'll be more apt ot hold on to every customer that walks through the door...we'l see. Depends how much I can put down too in order o keep the paymnet loooow. Wife of course has the final say, lol...good thing we have similar tastes...love that sandrock/black/fossil..so sweet.

08-08-2006, 08:51 PM

One of the decissions is made for you - NO 310 Carb Engine as of '07 ! Youy get the 325 EFI as a BASE!

I will echo what was said above and said in many other threads - V-Drive = MUCH more family friendly boat - tons more room, and usable room. DD in wakeboard configuration is designed for 3 people on the boat. V-Drive in wakeboard configuration is designed for full family load. DD in skier mode while person is skiing = loss of 2 back seats - v-drive = no change. DD is great if you are a true advanced to pro level and only wakeboard as a hobbby. I'd bet a shiney nickel that 30% of the DD owners if allowed to own a V-Drive for the same price, would gladly switch. So it is a matter of price. I have a hard time with "A DD is a better wakeboard boat than a V-Drive is a ski boat" - I think the two do the opposite about as well as each other. The small Outback DD has a flat hull whish does not generate the same wake a convex hull can. This also means that all boats in the line other than the base OB are harder to get a great ski wake from.

Wakeplate down 85%, 32MPH, half load of fuel, and a person on the bow, and you can get a very skiable wake - much better than an I/O.

I do think the color choices are a bit strange for the catalog, but it does apear that the gel coat color is a thrid color - look at base OB - blue, yello, and black gel

No matter what - have fun, and hope to see some pics when you get the new toy.


08-08-2006, 09:18 PM
tnx Joe...love your boat btw ...Also, I talked to Jay at SC yesterday and he informed me that the black at the botom of the hull is an illusion and not a third hull color. However he did not get back to me yet on the two color config...guess I'll know more on Fri when I meet with my dealer...Gotta say, looks like Vdrive is the choice if I can swing it...plus I like the pattern and logo better.

You guys rock!! never been on a board where a newbie got so many replies so quick (or at all for that matter) hope to be able to contribute as much as possible!


08-09-2006, 09:38 AM
iaonbb, isn't there a pretty nice like to the north of you. i know it starts with a "h".

A few things to consider, #1 If you notice all the major inboard companies are doing very little with any changes to their direct drive. why, because they are such a small part of the market in new purchases. #2. Your resale down the road will be much higher due to the demand of people wanting vdrives for more room and wakeboarding.

Good luck with your purchase and welcome to the big family of Skier's Choice.


08-09-2006, 10:06 AM
DB~ not sure what lake that'd be? We have Sterling Res up NE...there's also Glendoe in WY...also heard about a place called Navajo down south or on the CO/NM border somewhere...heard it's like a mini-Powell...I figure I have all Winter do do my research...heading to Chatfield today with my buddy and his 21' I/O :( gotta get my fix somehow lol!

08-09-2006, 10:12 AM
iaonbb, It's Horsetooth. It is suppose to be pretty nice from what I have heard..

I think I heard that Chatfield is like a death trap......

Have fun and be careful.

08-09-2006, 11:19 AM
aaahhhh yes, Horsetooth. I know it well. It is set in the foothils west of Ft. Collins. I lived up there for about 5 years, Mandmade, small, long and narrow. Not much better than chatfield. Both way overcrowded and too small. Good for an early monring run or tow but about 1.5 hours from me vs 25min to chatfield. That's the prob around hrere, all the lakes are death traps...darn, never thought I'd miss Iowa so much :0

08-09-2006, 12:04 PM
I dont know about east slope lakes much, Navajo is pretty large and deep I have not been on it but have flown over it lots. Its Kind of arrowhead shaped and when the wind comes up getts pretty ugly. As far as a mini powell well the water is pretty warm (from friends) but it dosent have alot of narrows and canyons in it .....Just another lake.

Local Lakes here.

Sweitzer 10 min (for the quick fix/ evenings)

Ridgeway 1.1 hrs

Blue Mesa 1.6 hrs ( bit cold in the spring but not too bad this time of year Wind can be ugly though

Paonia 1.5 hours spring sking watch out for logs/trash good lake boat wakes cancel quickly

Crawford 1.5 hrs Nice lake can get too full though just depends.

High line 1.5 hours lots of boats weekends.... havent been on the weekdays

Powell the best it gets 5 hours and worth it!!

Navajo is around 3 hour drive but havent been.

Also I hear Vega is not bad but never been.

08-09-2006, 12:31 PM
Well I sent one reply .... Not sure now where it went though. Yep I have a hard life.
So I will try again
Navajo is near Cortez Colorado SW corner of state. Its arrowhead shaped large and deep. No canyouns or such like powell but lots of room. Heads up when the wind blows though. I haven been there but flown over it lots and have friends who say it pretty warm.

Our local Lakes on the west slope
Sweitzer 12 mi good in the evenings or early mornings... stay away on the weekends.

Ridgway 40 mi nice very clean lake lots of room

Paonia 1.5 hours long and narrow/ wakes canel out quick, watch for logs/trask in the spring

Crawford 1.5 hr very nice lake Can get pretty busy though at odd times.

Highline 1.5 hrs pretty busy all the time

Blue mesa 1.5 hrs Huge lake kinda cool all year but not bad in the fall, wind can make it an SOB

And Navajo about 3 hrs (never been) as Lake powell is only 5 hours away !!!!!

08-09-2006, 12:35 PM
I Want One!!!!! Yellow and black would be SWEET!

08-10-2006, 11:51 AM
That Supra is sick!!! Love the new gravity colors too...wish I could've been ther...oh well, Bill at ROMOBOCO can tell me all about it tomorrow when I finalize my order!!! :)

08-20-2006, 07:03 AM
Hi Ed G.

Its a pitty there are no pics of the interior of the new models? Did you took them yourself these pictures?

Btw i love that carpet, realy back to the "70". Where was this picture taken, in Kabul? :)

08-22-2006, 10:39 AM
Originally posted by Ed G
I'm not positive where the dealers meeting was held. For some reason I think Lake Tahoe, but I don't know where I heard that.



Kabul, LOL like in afghanistan :) :)
Was just kidding about the persian carpet