View Full Version : what do yo you thing about mooomba xlv 2012

04-17-2017, 08:03 AM
HI, we have a question about the mooomba XLV 2011 with 3200 lbs upgraded. We check for change my moomba lsv 2007 625 hrs for a XLV 2011 175hrs. I would like to know if the wakeboard wake and the wakesurf wave are good enought for good rider or its difficult to make a good one. thx for the answer. I'm not sur to buy a 23 foot ;)

04-17-2017, 04:30 PM
is it a 12 or 11, not that it matters wakeboard wake is good over 21mph and surf with 3200 and a surf gate or suck gate will get you a really good surf wave

04-18-2017, 01:05 AM
Xlv 2011 we have made a mistake ;)