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03-21-2017, 02:01 PM
I've been on the phone with Indmar and Supra all day trying to get some direct answers on which fuel pump I need. I have not gotten a straight answer but only a recommendation.

My first questions is, does anyone know how much turnkey pressure is needed and how much running psi is needed on these motors? I have read in the chevy truck forums that it should be around 12psi running lbs, but that does not take into account the low pressure pump in my stock setup.

Second question is which of these three high pressure pumps that I've researched seem more appropriate?

Carter 61157
-Max running 25psi
-Static psi 40lbs
-20 gal/hr

Carter 61171
-Max running 43psi
-Static psi 120lbs
-30 gal/hr

Indmar s495126
-specs unknown (even Indmar said they did not know and that this is the closest thing they carry to the stock pump that is no longer manufactured).

I have read elsewhere that someone whom replaced their pump with the Indmar pump now has a poor running condition, guessing too much or too little psi. All three pumps resemble my exact stock pump. Any info would be greatly appreciated!


03-21-2017, 02:43 PM
Might be helpful to post your year, model, etc. to get some help on this.

03-21-2017, 03:10 PM
Might be helpful to post your year, model, etc. to get some help on this.

Thanks for the reply!

2002 Supra Launch SS - 280hrs.

I know this is a moomba forum, but both boats being manufactured by Skiers Choice make them considerably alike.

Appreciate any and all input, thanks.


03-22-2017, 01:18 PM
Bump, need help

03-22-2017, 02:05 PM
I sent Engine Nut a PM for you. He's our pro at Indmar and usually willing to help. We owe him about a thousand beers already. :o

03-22-2017, 08:28 PM
Thank you I appreciate that!

I have seen some of his posts and he seems to be the go-to King when everyone is stumped on certain problems.

Jeremy from Indmar did recommend a 495126, but said there were no listed specs for this pump. In another forum I have read that a Supra owner with my same engine experienced a poor running condition after installing that same pump. Whether or not that pump was the culprit I'm unsure. I just want to have all the info necessary to make a choice I feel is best so I'm not burning through pumps or end up dealing with a poor running condition.

About four hours ago I did however receive a call back from a Carter rep, who said the p61171 was a poor choice because of the high static pressure and that there was a possibility of damaging the system. He also said the p61157 may work, but probably wouldn't be able to feed neither fuel at certain RPM's. Finally he suggested a TBI specific universal pump - model p5001 - which has a static pressure of 35-50 and a running psi of 9-22 @50gal/hr. That sounds to me to be the winner, I went ahead and ordered it just in case. Manual says a static pressure of at least 30psi for my motor is needed so that's perfect. And I've read the 5.7 vortec's running psi is around 12-15 so that works out as well.