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10-19-2016, 08:44 PM
I am new to direct drives I wanted to double check my winterizing steps on my 2000 Moomba Kanga since it gets below zero regularly during the winter months where I am.

1. Run engine up to temperature, fog through the Carb until the engine dies.
2. Change Oil/Filter (Shell Rotella T 15W40 and Mobil 1 M1-302 Filter)
3. Change Transmission Fluid (Valvoline Dex/Merc ATF)
4. Change Spark Plugs (ACDelco MR43LTS), fog each cylinder for about 2 seconds while plugs are out.
5. Replace Fuel Filter (Sierra 18-7944)
6. Disconnect/Drain Hoses: Exhaust manifolds via quick disconnect hoses, remove Transmission Cooler intake line clean the cooler, disconnect hoses from the impeller pump housing, disconnect hose between thermostat and engine ('J' hose).
7. Remove impeller and lubricate with vaseline and put in a ziploc, reinstall housing cover.
8. Drain the block via the port/stbd drain plugs, dislodging debris with a small screw driver while it is draining.
9. For some added peace of mind I temporarily reinstalled the block plugs and bottom of the 'J' hose and poured about 1/4 gallon on -100F non-toxic antifreeze into the block and re-drained the block and hose to flush out any residual water with antifreeze. I did the same with the port and stbd exhaust lines. Poured in some AF until it came out blue from the exhaust.

Did I miss anything? Sorry if this is simple but I just don't want to mess up the boat my first season with it! Thanks.

10-19-2016, 09:01 PM
Stabil Fuel Treatment.

Get all water out of the bilge.

Shut off valves for water coming in.

Antifreeze will help the block from rusting on he inside.

My v-drive has the muffler to drain. You do not have that.

I run my motor after an oil change. Too late for that. Others do the same as you did.

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