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07-24-2006, 01:39 PM
Hello All, I have been reading this fourm for a couple months now and finally signed in. I am getting ready to order/buy my first boat, although I have been around boating for about 20 years. Guess I owe a lot of friends rides and the kids are getting old enough to start enjoying it too. My three year old kinda has a thing for the knee board already! (YIKES)

I have a fall demo ride set up and will look at ordering then or just a couple months after Nov-Dec range. From order to pick up what is the time frame?

Any one finding above average deals on financing there boat?

I am not understanding the boat show deals? How do you know what they are and how much to take off of MSRP for them? ect, who sposers them dealer, SC???

The two dealers near me (5 hrs one way) I have talked to on the phone.

One a couple times the other Only once (Lied to me four times in the first 5 minutes)

Thanx to this fourm I perhaps am a little bit over educated on some aspects of the moomba.

If things dont come together with the first dealer I am intrested dealers who have taken care of there customers? AZ, KS,UT,CO,WY,NM,NE,OK, northern TX

After the 20 hr break in I am reading here fluid changes and out the door? The dealer whom impressed me said, its critical to realign the engine due to motor mounts setteling and this is set within .003" Any one hear of this?

Has any one been able to aquire a shop/maitance manual from indmar or SC? 5 hours to the dealer ship makes for a long trip for service?

I have more but this is getting to be a long post More later!

Green with envey for those who already get to enjoy there toy

07-24-2006, 02:48 PM
If you do buy from a dealer out of state, dont let you local dealer know about it. I guess they have some territory issues bettween dealers and dealers outside of your state arent supposed to sell to you. Which is silly to me because what if you local dealer insists on keeping his 30% margin but the guy next door will sell for much less. My Local dealer even told me "how it is" if I bought one somewhere else I would get second rate service for warranty work from them. Grrr....

07-24-2006, 05:41 PM

Next, what model(s) are you looking at ?

New models are usually announced in Sept/Oct and can be ordered. The winter Dealers Incentives are to move boats during the off season. They are sponsered by SC, but I believe SC covers half the incentive cost, and the dealer the other half. You wind up getting a better deal than almost any other time of year (best being buying left over dealer stock they need to move)

If you order in Nov/Dec - you can expect to pick up in Feb/Mar. - 2 Months order to turn key is normal during the start of the build season.

Financing depends on state and credit score. So could be 5.5%, could be 10% !

Between the Owners Manual and the Clymers you can do a pretty good job of self engine maint. work.

Hope this helps answer a few,


07-24-2006, 06:17 PM
Thanx for the info Joe,

I am looking at Mobius LSV Yellow and Platinum

325,preformance up grade, apperance up grade, bow filler,heater,Bimini,Tonneau,water strainer,gravity 3,perfect pass,depth finder,Possiable prop upgrade (more questions) Tandem trailer,led lighting, Most things except stereo.

On the prop I have read several of the threads and still up in the air here, my low(elevation) lake is at 5,000 'MSL with density altitude's around 8,500 when its hot. the Other two lakes are much higher 6,800 and and 7,519 (havent figured the density there) So Not sure where to go, regular, CNC 3 blade, altitude or aftermarket?

I am guessing I am going to have to order so I will figure on a couple months then I cant find my Color and options on dealer stock. (any where) the ice comes off the lake in april around here most years so going to have to be early on the order!

Which brings up another question Gel coat paterns? 3 color a,b, c, which is which and how do you tell?? colorizer on the site is no help as far as which is what? Guess the dealer will let me know when I get there

When do they update the configurator for next years $ One dealer told me the 310 would not be an option next year and the base price was going up by around 2,000$ ( engine cost plus a little for regular inflation) Any one else heard this?

On the manuals I have down loaded the owners manual ..... Its prety vage in lots of places as far as I could see. What is the Clymers for? Engine /drive train or make and model? I have them for my vehicles and the ATV but havent seen one for boats?


07-24-2006, 06:23 PM
Oh on the dealer issues, I can not belive this is the case..... If I buy a boat in another state and move to a diffrent state dose this mean I am going to get second rate service? The dealer should be able to have a better deal for you which ever is closer. You will have less travel ect to go and get the boat which is less$ I am as close to a dealer in a neiboring state as the one in my state. I am thinking a call to SC will be in order and find out if this is the case or just a dealer ship bulling around.

07-24-2006, 06:42 PM
Where are you located? I have had great experiences from the service dept of Surfside Boats in Tempe, AZ.

I was a little disappointed in the sales department though. After reading this board for awhile, I felt I was pretty educated on the boats and felt like I knew a lot more about the boats then the salesman did! They were also not willing to negotiate at all with me. I found that a gently used boat was a much better deal for me. Good luck with your decision.

07-24-2006, 07:04 PM

Tempe is not out of the question its about 11 hour drive but I have spent a bit of time down there. Grandparents were snow birds down there and I even lived in Mesa and Glendale for a while. Yep been down the salt river a time or two also. I bought my truck from Brown and Brown two years ago. Way cheaper than up here in Colorado.

The service was great but had to pay MSR? I am Kinda wanting yellow and grey or yellow and white..... Not finding it used,

07-24-2006, 08:42 PM
Thanks for the dealer. I talked to the tempe AZ dealer today and they seemed great. Good inventory, straight foward, vevy helpful and semi reasonable price. Thanks Again.