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07-23-2006, 10:08 PM
I am new to this boat but why is there always water in the "ski locker" area of this boat? I filled the ballast bag once and emptied it thoroughly. Now the water never seems to exit the area. Is water filling from another area? I just want to knot because week days Moomba is "dry dock" I would hate to pick her up on a friday and find that it has molded/mildewed with water left in the front bow.


MD in ND

Moomba Outback V = Boot Mum Ov'a Back

07-24-2006, 01:46 AM
There was a post about water in ski locker about a month or so ago. It helped me a lot. I had a leak on the wakeplate system and water with transmission fluid kept pooling up in the ski locker. I plugged the hole as someone suggested. If you leave it outside, this wouldn't work as water would get and stay in there.
Go to the home page and click on your boat model, you'll see the profile of it. It seems the ski locker drain is the low spot on this boat. Hope this helps.

08-03-2006, 11:14 AM
That area is actually lower than the area that houses your bilge pump so it will always hold some water. As you no doubt know these boats leak by design (around the prop shaft) so water in your bilge will drain into the ski locker area and get "trapped" there. Some guys claim that by removing the drain plug in the stern of the boat and trailering it that way the water drains back out. Unless these guys all drive on some pretty steep grades going home I don't get it because it does not work that way for me. I have also tried raising the front of the boat all the way up with the tongue jack and that still does not allow all the water to drain back out. I have found the only way to get all the water out from the ski locker area is to use a wet/dry vac and suck it out. This is the second Moomba we have owned and both had the same issue. Just my .02

08-03-2006, 09:26 PM
I alwasy pull the boat just far enough up the baot ramp to get around the back and pull the drain plug. If no one is waiting on the ramp, I leave it there for a minute or two and let the water drain out while it is on the steep grade of the ramp. I leave the plug out until the next trip. It seems to get most of the water out while it is sitting half way up the ramp. Hope this helps.