View Full Version : heater Help needed

07-16-2006, 06:24 PM
just installing a heater craft heater in my boat... but I have to tell you the destructions are not that great, once you get to the engine hookups. I have an indmar 310hp. boat is a 2004 mobius lsv

can someone give me a photo or 2 of the water line hookups on the engine? I just want to make sure I get the right spot... I would call them direct.. .but its sunday. I guess if I dont see a reply here in a bit I can wait for the final bit till tommorow... not like its only 103 degrees today.

Want a rush... cut 3 4in holes in your boat for some hot tubes... and pray to god it all works out LOL

Some tips for anyone doing this yourself

make sure you have clearence on the inside, almost drilled my first hole to high and would have ran into where the stereo is, and if you have an amp dont forget where its at... also pre drill any holes in your hot tubes or anything that goes through your gel coat, to prevent cracking. I would reccemend no less then 1/8.