View Full Version : 2007 LSV Check engine light

07-07-2016, 02:26 PM
Hello everyone,

new to the Moomba boats and recently had an issue with my 07. It has about 210 hours and has never given us an issue. The other day it randomly died while surfing. Just shut off. It would crank fine but never come close to firing. We checked to see if we had spark at the coil which we did not. We let it sit for 15 min then it started right back up but this time with a check engine light. If we got going more then 10mph the boat would die then make us wait to restart.

Had a marine shop check the trouble code and came back with a fuel pump circuit low. They think it is the fuel pump relay. My question is why would i have no spark then? I am not sure how smart the computers are in these Indmars. Would it cut spark if its not getting fuel by chance?