View Full Version : 2015 Mojo internal hard ballast tank?

07-03-2016, 11:08 AM
Is there a built in hard tank in the nose of a 2015 mojo? I assume it is operating off the same switch that fills the v shaped bladder bag under the seats and is simply filling first, then the bladder bag is additional ballast, but want to make sure I don't need to be doing anything else to max out my ballast (other than buying more bags).

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07-03-2016, 01:17 PM
Can speak 100% for the 2015 but typically the hard tank fills first and over flows into the bladder bag and the outta the boat. That's my setup on my 2013 and a lot of others as well. Only other thing some people have done is put in a directional valve to not fill the bladder sometimes but you would have to look under the drivers helm to determine that most likely.

07-03-2016, 01:52 PM
That's how my 15 Mojo works. Hard tank fills and overflows to ibs. You can see hard tank next to gas tank.

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07-03-2016, 02:16 PM
On my 2016 it is setup the same hard tank fills first then the bag.

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07-04-2016, 08:42 AM
I don't like that i can't easily see the hard tank to tell how much it's filled. Lift the carpet, open the access to the center water plug and you'll see the hard tank and determine where the water level is.

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