View Full Version : Ignition trouble

06-03-2016, 10:05 PM

I have a 2007 Mobius Ls (not a V drive). Picked it up from being winterized today, and had a dead bilge blower. Other than that, boat turned over and we were up and running - oh and the place had not put the back storage compartment back together - a side effect of having a fresh air exhaust installed in the office season, and some shoddy service. I got back to my dock and put in a new blower which was running fine. Then moved on to fixing the paneling in the back storage area.

A few hours later went to take the boat out before sundown, blower turns on fine... Wait... And then the boat did not crank, not even a click of the starter or move of the voltage needle - remember the blower is running. Giggled the throttle a few times to be sure it was in neutral. Pulled off the saftey lanyard and re-attached. No luck.

My guess is I either loosened something messing with the blower or the paneling. Hoping for some thoughts on where to start.